Xbox 720 Always Online Rumor Squashed By Xbox Mini?

Patrick Frye

The Xbox 720 "Always Online, Always Connected" rumor has many gamers angry at Microsoft before any official announcement has been made either way. But has the Xbox 720 always online rumor been squashed by the Xbox Mini?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox 720 always online rumor, among other revelations, has some gamers saying the future of next generation consoles looks grim.

Microsoft employee Adam Orth tweeted his response to the Xbox 720 always online rumor saying the console will require an always online internet connection in order to play games or do anything. Microsoft officially apologized for Adam Orth's behavior, which eventually ended with Adam Orth saying "deal with it" and allegedly resigning.

Now we're hearing the Xbox 720 always online rumors may apply to a previously unannounced Xbox Mini. Tech Spot says the Xbox 720 always online rumor "was mentioned in the context of being able to download updates in the background, most sites still reported it as proof or confirmation that Microsoft would be implementing online checks to block used games, even though there was no mention of this in the documents or by VGLeaks. To be fair, reputable sites like Kotaku and Edge were told as much by their own separate sources, but we remained unconvinced."

VGLeaks, which was the source of the Xbox 720 always online rumor in the first place, is now saying, "Durango [Xbox 720] itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games. ... The [Xbox 720] development kits required several pieces of hardware as to combine all 'potential' hardware which may or may not be required to work with each other, which also includes the potential for any or all devices to required a network connection, which is where most of the 'required' rumors are coming from."

Are you happy the Xbox 720 always online rumor is squashed?