July 5, 2020
Freddie Freeman Is The Latest MLB Player To Test Positive For Coronavirus

Freddie Freeman is sick with COVID-19, and it's not the asymptomatic kind. The wife of the Atlanta Braves first baseman took to Instagram on Saturday to confirm earlier reports that the star slugger tested positive. She detailed that he tested positive on Friday evening and since coming down with the virus, it's hit him "like a ton of bricks." She said Freeman has suffered from body aches, chills, and a fever. She claimed that the reason the coronavirus hit him was unusual because Freeman is someone who usually never gets sick.

She also said that it's not clear how Freeman came down with COVID-19 because the entire family has been really careful over the last four months. She claimed they haven't gone out to a grocery store or a restaurant and they haven't been seeing their friends at all. She did say they've been allowing family over to their house, but so far, no one in Freeman's immediate family has tested positive for the virus.

She added that if the coronavirus can hit someone like Freeman as hard as it has, it can affect anyone. She ended her post by making a plea for everyone to wear a mask as often as possible, and to realize that even if people take all the precautions, they aren't totally safe.

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves hits a ninth inning game-winning home run
Getty Images | Scott Cunningham

Freeman is just the latest name to be made public since Major League Baseball players started reporting to resumed spring training. Knowing exactly who and how many tested positive for the virus is difficult because the league has said it isn't allowed to divulge those who have the disease. Most players or their families have come forward when they test positive, but there are a few players still unknown.

Bill Shanks of Sports Illustrated said that Freeman was one of four Braves players not in camp because they had tested positive. The team's manager, Brian Snitker, said new reliever Will Smith, young pitcher Touki Toussaint, and infielder Pete Kozman were the other three. Snitker received permission from all four players to go public with their names.

The Braves manager told the media on Saturday that all four players agreed to let their names be known because they wanted the public to understand "this virus is real."

Freeman is the only one of the three who has been confirmed to have gotten hit hard by the virus. Shanks said that because of his reaction to COVID-19, there are worries from fans about his well-being, in addition to worries about whether or not he'll be ready to open the season on time.

Freeman will need to have gone 72 hours without any symptoms and then will need to test negative twice over a 24-hour period before he can return to action.