July 5, 2020
Relative Of Boy Who Died In Tragic ATV Accident Speaks Out About The Dangers Of Power Sports

Kristen Almer is the aunt of Logan Almer, a boy who died tragically at only 11 years old due to an ATV accident. The horrific incident occurred in 2013 and devastated the family. Now, Kristen is speaking up about what happened in an effort to inform parents about the potential dangers of power sports, according to Today.

On May 24, 2013, Logan, of Minong, Wisconsin, slipped away to use his father's ATV. His parents and older brother were not around at the time and he was unsupervised. The child, who did not know how to properly use the ATV, took off on the vehicle without wearing any protective gear. Once he made it to the road he swerved sharply, causing the vehicle to flip twice. In the process, the little boy was unfortunately crushed to death.

Looking back now, Kristen recalls just how disturbing and upsetting the incident was.

"We don't know all the details, but it's pretty obvious that when Logan got on that machine, he had no idea what he got his hands on. It was horrifying, graphic, brutal, unbelievable situation," she said.

A couple rides an ATV.
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

Kristen went on to explain that Logan's parents were fully aware of the dangers ATVs can present and were very cautious regarding the safety of their children. In fact, they almost always kept the key to the vehicle carefully concealed. Nevertheless, the accident still occurred.

Kristen, who has worked in the power sports industry for many years, doesn't believe that just because ATVs can be dangerous that they cannot be enjoyed in a safe and responsible manner. Rather, she believes that educating children early on and ensuring they understand how to use these types of vehicles properly is the key to preventing tragedies like what happened to Logan. She compared ATV safety education to that of pool safety education.

"We don't throw our kids who don't how to swim off a dock into 12-foot water. With power sports, it's the same thing. I don't care whether you live in the city, you ride or you don't ride — this is an issue that pertains to you," she said.

Now that it is mid-summer, many children are spending extra time partaking in outdoor sports including swimming. Like Kristen, other parents, such as Amber and Granger Smith, are speaking out about their own past summer tragedies in hopes of protecting other children. The Smiths lost their own young son River in a tragic drowning accident last year. They are now dedicating themselves to promoting pool safety, as The Inquisitr previously reported.