‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For The Week Of July 6: Michael & Kristina Navigate Life As Sonny’s Kids

Chad Duell films as Michael Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
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The week of July 6 brings more Corinthos drama as General Hospital airs another week of encore episodes. Sonny Corinthos and his long history of chaos in Port Charles will be the focus for this coming week once again, with Michael and Kristina, in particular, working their way through some sensitive, difficult situations.

On Friday, viewers got to revisit the episode where Morgan almost jumped off the roof of General Hospital in the midst of a mental health crisis. Sonny got to him in time and managed to save his son, and now the mob boss will need to step up for two of his other kids in the next few encore shows set to air on ABC.

According to Soap Central, the week of July 7 will revisit single shows that originally aired in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2016.

On Monday, Michael will be shot in a situation that was set up to target Sonny. This comes as Kate was in a relationship with Sonny and she naively thought they were about to embark on a future together that wouldn’t be marred by constant violence.

Tuesday’s encore episode also focuses on some of Michael’s toughest past experiences. In this case, he will confess to killing Claudia. This will take place in front of a judge in a courtroom, leading to the charges Sonny had been facing being dropped.

Sonny ended up escaping legal consequences for Claudia’s death. However, as viewers will see, her brother Johnny was considering making a move against the notorious mob boss at that same time.

The rerun airing on Wednesday features Sonny on the island with Claire. As Sonny was enjoying his latest romance, Michael struggled to open up to Jason about what he experienced while in jail. This show will also feature some of the early days of Lulu and Dante’s relationship as they end up lost while exploring the countryside of Ireland.

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Thursday and Friday’s shows will shift to focusing on Kristina’s past challenges. She was injured in a bus crash during a show that originally aired in 2011, and Sonny will be visiting her daughter as she recovers from her injuries.

On Friday, viewers will revisit when Kristina finally told Sonny about her connection to Parker. As fans may remember, Kristina had been quite hesitant to tell her father about this relationship.

Eventually, Kristina and Parker left town together. However, Kristina later returned to Port Charles alone and “Pristina” fans still vocalize their frustrations over this in hopes that Parker will be brought back.

Viewers are quite anxious to have ABC return to new episodes of General Hospital. Unfortunately, the production hiatus that started in mid-March due to the coronavirus is still in place. However, there have been reports indicating that production is aiming to start filming again sometime this month.

When everybody gets to shift back to present-day Port Charles storylines again, Michael’s court battle against Nelle will reach its conclusion. This likely means more heartache and drama for the Corinthos crew, and viewers will be curious to see what comes next.