Krissy Cela Flaunts Her Chiseled Abs On A Walk With Her Dog

Krissy Cela takes a selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness trainer Krissy Cela shared a stunning snap with her 2.2 million Instagram followers yesterday in which she posed alongside her dog while out for a walk. Krissy’s sculpted figure was on full display in an all-black outfit that clung to her enviable physique.

Krissy didn’t include a geotag on the post that specified where the shot was taken, but she stood on a stretch of land overlooking a calm body of water. Several lush green trees were visible behind her, as well as more on the other side of the water. Her dog sat obediently by her side, wearing a black harness and gazing off into the distance with his tongue lolling out.

Krissy showed off her fit figure in a simple black crop top that had short sleeves. The top offered full coverage over her chest, hiding her cleavage, but left several inches of her chiseled abs exposed. The fabric clung to every inch of her upper body, highlighting her incredible shape.

She paired the black top with simple black leggings. The leggings were somewhat high-waisted, with the waistband coming to just below her navel. The leggings were from Nike, and featured bold white lettering along the waistband as well as a subtle logo on one thigh. The pants likewise clung to her sculpted curves, and featured what looked like a mesh panel over her calves for a bit of visual interest.

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Krissy held her dog’s leash with one hand, and placed the other hand on her waist as she smiled at the camera. Her long brunette locks tumbled down her chest in an effortless style. She didn’t appear to be wearing much makeup in the shot, allowing her natural beauty to shine through as she enjoyed the sunshine.

Krissy paired the snap with a lengthy caption that gave her followers some motivation and inspiration for achieving their fitness goals. Her fans loved the post, and it racked up over 124,600 likes within 20 hours. It also received 581 comments from her fans in the same time span.

“You yourself are a motivation for us all,” one follower commented.

“Caption is insightful, and GIRL your body is looking absolutely amazing! Your consistency often motivates me to get up and get going,” another fan wrote.

“Girl you’re glowing,” one fan remarked.

“You’re so beautiful Krissy. Take care of you,” another follower remarked.

Krissy frequently shares short workout ideas with her followers on Instagram, and that’s exactly what she did in a video shared just a few days ago.

As The Inquisitr reported, Krissy rocked a blue sports bra and blue booty shorts as she did several workouts that targeted the shoulders.