Dasha Mart Flaunts Dynamite Curves In Patriotic Fashion For Independence Day

Ryan Aston

Russian model Dasha Mart showed her enthusiasm for Independence Day in the U.S. with a stunning pictorial that managed to touch on themes of American patriotism while simultaneously featuring both her dynamite curves and incredible flexibility.

The two-pic slideshow hit her Instagram feed on July 4 and featured Mart in a red one-piece swimsuit and a bandanna inspired by "Old Glory."

Mart's update, which was geotagged to Miami, Florida, included a caption wishing all of her fans and followers a happy Fourth of July. The 30-year-old also added an emoji of the American flag in keeping with the holiday.

Mart's feat of flexibility, which is a common sight on her feed, provided greater emphasis on her curvaceous figure as she posed.

Her long blond hair was tied into a pony tail above her dark roots and flowed backward over her shoulders and down her back. To complete the look, She smiled with her deep red lips and looked directly at the camera's lens with her blue-green eyes.

In the second photo, Mart remained covered, albeit partially, by her Independence Day-inspired gear. However, she eschewed the stretch for a seductive pose in which she pulled down the right shoulder strap of her swimsuit with one of her hands, revealing more of her bust in the process. With her other hand, she playfully tugged at her ponytail as she turned her face downward.

Both shots provided a clear look at the floral-pattern tattoo that covered parts of her hip and cheek on the left side.

Mart's patriotic posing proved a quick hit with her admirers, racking up nearly 8,000 likes in just over an hour after going live. Furthermore, the comment thread was approaching 200 replies at the time of this writing, with fans voicing their overwhelming approval for the spread.

"Beautiful girl. Perfect figure," commented one fan, adding a string of emoji for emphasis.

"Elastic. Exciting," wrote another, referencing Mart's famous flexibility.

"Happy 4th July beautiful girl," wished a third commenter.

Mart's Instagram feed has been flush with steamy snapshots recently. As shared by The Inquisitr on July 2, she recently posted an update in which she was shown working out on a beach with a squat band while wearing a tiny yellow bikini.