Melania Trump's Alexander McQueen-Designed Dress Ruthlessly Mocked On Twitter

Twitter users ruthlessly mocked Melania Trump's choice of wardrobe for her husband's Fourth of July event. According to Hollywood Life, dozens of people joked that the First Lady's Alexander McQueen dress looked like it had been scribbled on with a Sharpie by the president himself.

President Donald Trump hosted a special Independence Day event at Mount Rushmore on July 3, and his wife wore a pricey designer gown that reportedly retails for close to $2,500. However, despite the outfit's high cost, many thought it was a rather ugly choice.

Hollywood Life pulled some choice quotes from social media of users throwing shade and ridicule at the 50-year-old's frock.

"Donald Trump got bored and drew all over Melania's white dress with a sharpie on Air Force One," joked one person.

"Will somebody please take that sharpie away from him! Now he's drawing on Melania's dress, ffs." wrote another.

A few drew comparisons to Trump's previous "Sharpiegate," in which he appeared to have drawn on a map to predict the path of Hurricane Dorian last year.

"Do you think @FLOTUS let @realDonaldTrump draw on her dress? Is this his new hurricane map?" chimed in a third user.

"Looks like Trump is showing the projected paths of this season's hurricanes on Melania's dress," said a fourth.

Others theorized that Trump had added some "subtle messages" to his wife's dress and jokingly attempted to decode them.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump board Marine One
Getty Images | Sarah Silbiger

According to The Daily Mail, the dress design was created for the Spring 2020 collection and originated from "a collaboration between McQueen and students at Central Saint Martins."

Several students drew sketches of "dancing girls" during a class led by Julie Verhoeven, a revered fashion illustrator. Then the McQueen staff "hand-embroidered and stitched the sketches over a linen dress."

Aside from the pattern on the dress, the mostly-white gown looked quite demure on Melania. She accessorized with a pair of pumps, a slim black belt around the middle, and oversized sunglasses. Her caramel-colored locks were left loose and seemed to be picked up by the wind in a few photos shared by the source.

Beyond that, she did not add any other visible accessories and looked somewhat low-key for the event, which reportedly drew a crowd of around 7,500 people.

This incident is hardly the first time Melania has been the subject of online vitriol.

In early June, The Inquisitr reported that the former model was slammed on social media for posting a message commemorating Juneteenth. Her critics and naysayers pointed out that it seemed hypocritical of her considering her support of the birther movement orchestrated by her husband against former President Barack Obama.