Johnny Bananas Suspected To Be The Brains Behind Aneesa Ferreira’s Elimination On ‘The Challenge’

Johnny Bananas competes on The Challenge

Episode 14 of The Challenge: Total Madness saw longtime player Aneesa Ferreira get the boot after losing to freshman competitor Bayleigh Dayton in elimination. While it didn’t play out on the episode that viewers watched, it looks like Johnny Bananas might have been the brains behind her getting thrown in. Johnny did admit in his interviews that while he likes Aneesa, she wouldn’t be the best person to run a final wit, in the off-chance that the remaining players were paired up for a portion of the last competition.

Cory Wharton pitched a fit about not being pulled into the tribunal by Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, but the editing of the show didn’t explain why he was so frustrated when it seemed like it didn’t matter. While Cory was safe no matter what, his friend Aneesa wasn’t, and he wanted his spot in the tribunal to save his friend from being thrown down. Fans and cast members, including Ashely Mitchell, are suggesting on Twitter that Johnny convinced Jenny West to pull Josh into the tribunal, knowing he would vote Aneesa down.

Ashley also suggested that Johnny planted the idea of partners in the final into people’s heads in order to get Aneesa voted down. Why he wanted her gone so badly is unknown, but it will hopefully play out for fans at the reunion.

Aneesa Ferreira appears on The Challenge

Ashley also noted that this was just great gameplay on Johnny’s part, calling him the GOAT of The Challenge.

After the episode aired, Aneesa took to Twitter, leaving an ambiguous comment which might suggest she finally realized what was happening behind her back.

“Sh*t is so clear to me right now!!!!” she tweeted.

Aneesa also wrote about Jenny filling up her bucket during the nighttime challenge, ensuring her bucket would be too heavy to lift in the second portion of the competition.

“[Cory] in the moment I didn’t get it, but watching it makes me f*ck with you so heavy. Wish I understood it then,” she also wrote.

Despite getting backstabbed, Aneesa was thankful for her time on Total Madness and will likely be back on future seasons. Being a true OG of The Challenge, Aneesa will likely be recruited, if she hasn’t been already, by veteran Mark Long who is currently campaigning for a two-week season with competitors from the show’s long history. In his OG-only season, Mark hopes to bring some of the biggest names in Challenge history back for a special event and is also pulling some OGs who have been lucky enough to appear in recent seasons, like Aneesa.