North Korea Missile Test Delayed By Windows 8, Kim Jong-Un To Declare War On Microsoft?

The North Korea missile test was delayed, with some claiming a Windows 8 upgrade to be at fault. Might Kim Jong-Un be considering a declaration of war on Microsoft.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the North Korea missile test would have a range of over 2,000 miles and place the US island of Guam within striking distance. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, North Korea declared a state of war against South Korea weeks ago. North Korea’s official statement also promised nuclear war against the United States and some wonder whether North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities are being underestimated.

The announcement of increasing the North Korea nuclear weapons stockpile coincided with news of the North Korea nuclear reactor being restarted in Yongbyon. Before North Korea shut down its main nuclear processing facility at Yongbyon, it is believed the regime stockpiled enough plutonium to create between four to 10 nuclear weapons. Then we had the news that North Korea is planning a fourth nuclear weapons test.

The New Yorker is claiming the North Korea missile test was delayed by Windows 8 since previously their computers were running on Windows 95. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) says they are “working with Windows 8 support to resolve the issue” and the North Korea missile test has “been delayed indefinitely.” It’s said “Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is furious about the Windows 8 problems” and may declare war on Microsoft.

So, okay, yes, yes… the North Korea missile test being delayed by Windows 8 is a clever joke along the lines of North Korea demanding to negotiate with Michael Jordan (but, after all the whole Dennis Rodman thing, you never know…). But, quite frankly, Kim Jong-Un Korea would need a good excuse like that after making all that noise about North Korea’s nuclear missiles and going to war. How else are they expected to save face after such a bluff?

In any negotiation you always try to negotiate from a position of power. Sure, North Korea is threatening a missile test but if they so much as twitch funny they’ll be blown out of the water by the United States. Heck, even China will kick them in the butt by denying escape for refugees.

If Kim Jong-Un has a list of demands to act as a starting point then I haven’t been able to find them. In previous years there always seemed to be a point to their saber rattling but now events are escalating without an end in sight.

US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress “the indications that we have are that China is itself rather frustrated with the behavior and the belligerent rhetoric of … Kim Jong Un. I don’t think … he has much of an endgame other than to somehow elicit recognition,” and to turn the nuclear threat into “negotiation and to accommodation and presumably for aid.”

But this latest bit of humor just goes to show how ridiculous the whole North Korea situation has gotten. We’re gotten to the point where such headlines are almost believable and the hacker group Anonymous makes regular headlines for attacking North Korea (see the above image).

Did the news about the North Korea missile test being delayed by Windows 8 fool you at first?