July 4, 2020
'One Piece' Chapter 984 Spoilers, Recap: Straw Hat Pirates Ready To Save Momonosuke From Orochi

The latest chapter of One Piece manga featured the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies successfully infiltrating the banquet hall at Onigashima while painfully watching Kozuki Momonosuke being tortured by Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Orochi might have failed to stop the Nine Red Scabbards from executing their plan to raid Onigashima, but he succeeded in capturing the boy that was supposed to lead the rebellion against him and Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido, thanks to the traitor, Kurozumi Kanjuro.

Upon hearing Kanjuro's report about the Nine Red Scabbards, Shogun Orochi ordered his men to bring Momonosuke to the execution stand at the skull dome where he intended to crucify the poor little boy in front of all his subordinates. In One Piece Chapter 984, Shogun Orochi once again recalled the "fiery day" that Momonosuke and the Nine Red Scabbards disappeared from Lord Oden's castle.

Before they killed them, Shogun Orochi revealed that Momonosuke's group managed to escape and travel into the future with the help of his mother, Lady Kozuki Toki. While he was proudly telling the story about Momonosuke and the Nine Red Scabbards, Shogun Orochi wasn't aware that the ones in front of him included the groups of rebels that were planning to take him down.

One Piece Chapter 984 featured Nico Robin, Jinbe, and Cyborg Franky in the banquet hall where Shogun Orochi was set to execute Momonosuke. It was hard to differentiate the Straw Hat Pirates from the enemies since they were wearing the same outfit as the Beast Pirates. However, Robin could no longer stand what Shogun Orochi was doing to Momonosuke.

One Piece features the Straw Hat Pirates crew.
Flickr/ Public Domain | tofoli.douglas

Robin asked Jinbe what they should do to save Momonosuke from being killed. Jinbe advised Robin to remain patient and wait for the samurais to make their move. Robin, Jinbe, and Franky weren't the only members of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance who succeeded to infiltrate the banquet hall. One Piece Chapter 984 also showed the former leader of the Yakuza groups in the Land of Wano, Hyogoro of the Flower, along with the other samurais who were chanting Momonosuke's name.

With the current situation, it would only be a matter of time before a huge commotion starts in the banquet hall between the Straw Hat Pirates alliance and the combined forces of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido. As of now, the groups of Kinemon and Kyoshiro must have already arrived at their target locations, while the other members of the Nine Red Scabbards — Raizo, Kawamatsu the Kappa, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Kiku, and Ashura Doji — are near to reaching the rear entrance of the Beast Pirates' headquarters in Onigashima.