‘RWBY’ Voice Actress Arryn Zech Accuses ‘The 100’ Star Bob Morley Of Verbal & Emotional Abuse

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Voice actress Arryn Zech took to Twitter on Friday to share a lengthy statement accusing her ex-boyfriend Bob Morley of verbally and emotionally abusing her throughout their three-year relationship. Her allegations also seemed to refer to Morley’s current wife and co-star on The 100, Eliza Taylor, as being an accomplice in the abuse.

According to Zech, she began to come forward about the allegations during a Twitch stream she hosted last week.

However, Zech noted that because her stream was mostly filled with fans of RWBY — a show where she voices main character Blake Belladonna — a “game of telephone” had started leading to false information being carried to The 100 fandom and causing many people to attack her with false accusations.

The voice actress decided to “set the record straight” once and for all with her latest post.

She said that Morley had yelled at her constantly throughout her relationship and harshly judged her for being bisexual.

When he discovered her sexual identity, Zech alleged that “he was furious,” and felt that she would likely cheat on him.

The Red vs. Blue voice actress also accused Morley of blaming her for being sexually assaulted at a convention, accusing her of infidelity.

She detailed a relationship allegedly filled with gaslighting, bitterness, and cruelty, also claiming the 35-year-old had completely isolated her from everyone else in her life.

Further on in the statement, Zech alleged that Morley had an affair for six months during their relationship. She claimed she even caught them on camera together at one point because they had set up surveillance to watch their dogs and Morley had forgotten to turn the cameras off.

While she did not name Taylor, fans noted that the timeline matched up as Morley and Taylor announced they had gotten married four months after he supposedly ended things with Zech in February 2019.

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“It’s taken a year and a half of therapy, reconnecting with my friends, my family, and myself to gain the courage to say this and I’m still scared as hell doing so, but I’m tired of being afraid of him and I’m tired of being silent. He can’t hurt me anymore. I was a victim. Now I’m a survivor,” she concluded.

In a follow-up statement, Zech addressed those who did not believe her allegations directly, saying she stood by her truth and would not let her haters affect her any longer.

The actress received an outpouring of support on social media from her colleagues and fans.

“So sorry Arryn. I applaud your brave honesty. Wishing you healing,” responded Red Dead Redemption II voice actor Roger Clark on Twitter.