July 3, 2020
WWE News: Big Show Says Brock Lesnar Saved His Career

Big Show is one of the longest-serving superstars in the WWE locker room, but the veteran cites Brock Lesnar for saving his career. In a recent interview with TalkSport, the superstar discussed how "The Beast Incarnate" made Vince McMahon change his opinion of him.

According to Big Show, he'd been sent back to developmental in 2002 to work on his craft. During this time, he met Lesnar, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Dave Bautista, who he developed great chemistry with during his tenure there.

Big Show revealed that he and Lesnar built a rapport while facing each other in the ring during their time in WWE's developmental system at the time. This led to McMahon taking a shine to Big Show again, as the WWE chairman was high on Lesnar and wanted a superstar who could work with him.

"Vince said to me 'so you work pretty well with Brock?' And I said 'yeah.' And then it went a long time and they asked Brock who he wanted to work with and he told me. He said 'he's a giant who can work.' So that kind of endorsement, they were forced to take another look at me and I was able to make the best of that opportunity."
Big Show recalled how he and Lesnar enjoyed working with each other, and their chemistry led to the former WCW standout being given a major push. Big Show won the World Championship from Lesnar at the 2002 Survivor Series pay-per-view, marking the latter's first-ever defeat in WWE.
Big Show also opened up about how the developmental system was a learning experience for him. He recalled having to sign autographs in "gas stations" during the weekend, which marked a radical drop from his time headlining pay-per-views only a few months earlier.

According to Big Show, WWE was competitive at the time. He was used to being supervised and guided while he was in WCW, but when he joined WWE, everyone was after his spot. If it weren't for him developing a camaraderie with Lesnar, he may never have returned to the main roster and found long-term success there.

During the interview, Big Show also said that Lesnar understood the wrestling business from the get-go, and praised him for how quickly he picked it up. He also recalled how he and Lesnar had some great feuds in their time, mentioning their Stretcher Match as one of his highlight moments.

Big Show's experience with Lesnar has been positive, but the veteran superstar had some heat with other notable WWE stars back in the day.