July 5, 2020
Brian Austin Green Discusses His Dating Life, Says Courtney Stodden Is 'Super Nice, But Disappointing'

TMZ caught up with actor Brian Austin Green on Thursday and asked him a few questions regarding his rumored dating life, including his recent outings with Australian model Tina Louise and Courtney Stodden.

In the footage shared by the source, Green appeared to have been doing some grocery shopping and was busy loading up the trunk of his car when the reporter started to ask him what was going on between him and Louise.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star said he does not usually talk to TMZ, but since the other guy was being so nice, he decided to open up to him.

He revealed that the recent photographs showing him and Louise having lunch actually came from their first-ever encounter. He said he happened to meet her on the sidewalk outside of her restaurant and that she is a "super nice woman."

However, shortly after the pictures of the two of them dining together surfaced online, Stodden took to her Instagram page to share a video of herself and the 46-year-old in a hot tub.

Green said that overall, he found her "super nice, but disappointing," referring to her decision to upload the video.

He also seemed to imply that she deliberately shared it "knowing that it would create problems" for him and Louise.

That said, he did emphasize that he had no desire to "bash" Stodden.

"I think she's a nice person, I just think she's making some, uh, some bad choices."
According to the father-of-three, the hot tub video was made over a month ago when the pics of he and Stodden hanging out together first showed up online. He said he was trying to do something nice for the 25-year-old and her friend Ashley.

Brian Austin Green at BuzzFeed's
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

The video showed a shirtless Green hanging out in the hot tub beside Stodden, who appeared to be clad in a pink swimsuit. She then addressed the camera and said hello to Ashley before turning the camera to Green, saying, "Here's '90210.'"

When the two were first seen hanging out together in early June, Green assured TMZ that the two were just friends collaborating on a new business project. On social media, several people seemed to think he tended to overshare to the media, despite his claim that he does not often talk to reporters.

"This guy cracks me up with how much he shares," wrote one person on Twitter.

"She makes bad choices. Lol yeah. But if you didn't know that before you got in the hot tub with her that's really on you bruh," tweeted another.