July 3, 2020
'General Hospital' Star Mark Lawson Cracks Jokes About 'Dante' During Intense Workout

The cast and crew of General Hospital are anxiously awaiting word that they can start filming again, and it seems that actor Mark Lawson is preparing for what's ahead. Mark plays the character of Dustin Phillips, and in a Thursday Instagram post, he joked around a bit about what his character has endured in Port Charles.

Dustin was introduced last year as a high school teacher who first matched with Lulu Spencer on a dating app. She initially pushed him away, as she had been on the app just for research for a story. However, the two soon realized that they couldn't ignore the chemistry they shared.

Lulu was still grieving the end of her marriage to Dante Falconeri, but she started to fall for Dustin. The two are seriously dating now, but viewers know that Dante's name is brought up quite regularly.

In his Thursday Instagram post, Mark shared a video showing him working out at home. The General Hospital actor shares workout photos and videos regularly, but this one was a little different.

This time, Mark was essentially in-character as he worked out. He could be heard repeating Dante's name, jokingly noting that "Good Guy Dustin" just wanted a girlfriend and never hurt anybody. Despite that, he quipped, all anybody ever seemed to want to talk about was "Dante, Dante, Dante."

Mark also mentioned "Dominick" a number of times, obviously referencing actor Dominic Zamprogna, who has played the role of Dante. In the hashtags he added to the caption, Mark noted that this was just healthy competition and that "Dustin" was losing it.

Is this video a hint of trouble ahead for Dustin and Lulu? Unfortunately, no solid General Hospital spoilers about that are available at this point, due to the ongoing production hiatus. However, it is possible that Dante could be returning to Port Charles soon.

Dominic has been quite open in recent interviews about wanting to return to the show. He said he's interested in having a long-term contract again and that while nothing was in place yet, he had been in touch with executive producer Frank Valentini.

If Dante returns, does that mean the end of Dustin and Lulu? General Hospital fans have embraced this new romance and don't necessarily want to see Mark written out of the show.

It's too soon to know whether "Dustin" has reason to worry about "Dante" when it comes to his romance with Lulu, but that could make for a juicy battle and love triangle. For now, it seemed that Mark is joking around more than anything else, but General Hospital fans will be curious to see if anything comes of this.