Cindy Prado Looks Smoking Hot In A Nude Bikini & Piles Of Jewelry

Cindy Prado takes a selfie.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Cindy Prado thrilled her 1.4 million Instagram followers with her latest post, a sizzling Instagram update in which she rocked piles of jewelry and a nude bikini. The pictures were part of a campaign that Cindy shot with Sahira Jewelry Design, and she made sure to tag the brand in the first picture itself as well as in the caption of the post.

The photos were taken in Miami, Florida, as the geotag indicated. Cindy appeared to be on a beach, with a gray sky behind her and waves crashing in the distance. However, the background was blurred so that Cindy’s beauty and all the jewelry she was wearing remained the focal point.

In the first snap, Cindy wore a nude bra that revealed a hint of cleavage and had thin straps stretching over her shoulders. She had chain bracelets on both wrists, as well as one around her neck. She donned several rings in different shapes and styles on both hands, and she placed her hands on her chest so that they were on display. Even her ears were adorned, with a pair of hoop earrings that had a dangling component.

Cindy’s long locks tumbled down her back in natural, beachy waves, and her beauty look was likewise minimal. Bold brows framed her eyes, which were closed in the first picture, and her lips appeared to have only a slight wash of color.

In the second shot, Cindy was wearing an entirely different set of jewelry, including a pearl necklace and geometric earrings. She removed her bikini top and tantalized her followers by covering up her ample assets with her hands, simultaneously flaunting all the rings she was wearing.

Cindy shared several additional stunning shots, including one of just her hands, to really showcase the pieces close-up. She also posted a snap in which she rocked nude thong bikini bottoms and a printed top. For that picture, Cindy’s pert posterior was covered in a layer of sand, and she placed her hands covered in rings and bracelets just above her rear.

Her followers absolutely loved the update, and the post received over 15,300 likes and 250 comments within one hour.

“Beautiful as always,” one fan wrote, followed by two heart-eyes emoji.

“You look expensive just to look at,” another follower added, commenting on the luxurious shoot.

“Beautiful jewelry, but the model is the most beautiful of all,” a third fan commented.

“They say if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content but I’m pretty content right now,” another remarked.

Cindy loves to flaunt her fit figure in sexy swimwear. Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a snap in which she wore a colorful bikini with a mermaid vibe.