July 3, 2020
Nick Cordero Is 'Slightly Better' Wife Amanda Kloots Says, Admitting Things Were Feeling 'A Little Gloomy'

Actor and singer Nick Cordero has now passed the 90-day mark in his coronavirus battle, and he remains in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai hospital. On Friday night, his wife Amanda Kloots shared a few new updates via her Instagram stories, and it sounded as if it had been a challenging day.

Earlier this week, Amanda insisted that she was not giving up on her husband, as she was determined to see him get back home to the family. However, she did have an especially difficult day not long ago when she had something of a breakdown, letting out months of pent-up emotion and frustration.

In her Friday night updates, Amanda said that there was a bit of a gloomy vibe in Nick's room when she arrived at the hospital. However, she quickly made a decision that she was not going to let that mood linger.

Amanda put some music on and sang to Nick. She did some physical therapy with him and read all of the newly received mail that the family's supporters had sent them. She often shares glimpses of that mail via her Instagram stories, and she noted that they were a big lift on Friday.

Amanda Kloots attends MIRROR Westfield Century City grand opening event
Getty Images for The Mirror | Tommaso Boddi

Despite some gloomy feelings as Amanda's visit with Nick started on Friday, she did have some positives to share. She said that his blood pressure medication levels had been lowered and that was a great development. She also said that he was doing slightly better during this last visit. Given how long and complicated this battle has been, every little bit of forward progress he makes is certainly worth celebrating.

Amanda also shared that she had been spinning a lot of plates lately. Now that she can see Nick in person, she has visited him every day in the ICU. She has spent a lot of time researching ways to improve his condition, and of course, she's parenting their little boy Elvis.

She has continued to run her existing fitness business and has been in the midst of launching a new T-shirt enterprise with her sister. In addition, this week, she had movers empty out the storage unit she was using since she and Nick left New York and moved to California.

Amanda explained that she needed to go through all of those things in anticipation of moving into her newly renovated home later this month. All of this has certainly worn Amanda out, but she has remained fully dedicated to both Nick and Elvis and refused to give up on having them all together in their new home someday.

Nick's recovery is slow-moving, and he has a long way to go before he can even possibly consider going home. Despite that, Amanda continues to stay as positive as she can, and it sounds as if she was successful in spinning things in a good way on Friday.