TikTok Star Kelianne Stankus Stuns By Doing A Handstand On Her Boyfriend's Hands

Treva Bowdoin

In her latest TikTok video, Hype House member Kelianne Stankus and her boyfriend, Chase Mattson, performed an impressive acrobatic stunt that required strength, balance, flexibility, and teamwork. On Thursday, Kelianne informed her 5.8 million followers on the video-sharing app that she has started teaching Chase gymnastics. Her video showed the results of her training.

In the caption of her post, Kelianne revealed that it took just one day for Chase to master their first gymnastic trick as a couple. To perform the physical feat, Kelianne was dressed to move in a pair of skintight gray leggings and a matching racerback sports bra with wide crisscrossing straps in the back.

The ensemble showcased the gymnast's sculpted stomach, strong legs, and pert posterior. As for Chase, the muscular model wore a black tank top and black sweatpants with a slim fit.

At the beginning of the video, the couple stood in front of the camera as Kelianne briefly addressed her viewers. A black mat was visible on the hardwood floor behind them. Kelianne playfully slapped Chase on the chest as she told him to get into position.

"Okay. Lay down, babe," Kelianne said.

"Yes ma'am," Chase replied.

Chase lay down on the mat, and Kelianne stood over him with her legs spread so that his head was positioned between her feet. The couple clasped hands, and Kelianne got up on her tiptoes. She informed her viewers that she was about to "jump to a handstand."

After she counted down from three, Kelianne gracefully leapt high up into the air with her legs spread wide apart. Chase kept his arms straight and rigid to form a solid base for her handstand. His arms were visibly shaking, but he managed to hold Kelianne up for a few moments.

"Oh, we're doing it! Wait, babe. This is really good!" Kelianne said while she was positioned upside down over her boyfriend.


Chase appeared to flinch a bit when Kelianne came down from the handstand and landed with her feet back on both sides of his head. The couple celebrated their success with a double high-five.

Thus far, Kelianne's video has garnered upward of 799,000 likes and 11,000 comments. Most of the messages were about Chase, not the stunt.

"Aww you guys are adorable," read one fan's response to the video.

"'Yes ma'am' we stan a respectful man," another commenter wrote.

"Wow, I'm so happy that she found someone that can make her this happy," said a third admirer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Kelianne performed a similar stunt with contortionist Sofie Dossi. However, it required Sofie to do a back bend while Kelianne did a handstand on her stomach.