Rachel Lindsay Poses In The Airport For A Photo, Shares Concerns Regarding Travel

Helen Storms

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay took to Instagram on Thursday, July 2, to share a photo of herself posing at the Miami International Airport. The lawyer and television personality revealed that this is her first time traveling since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and explained that she does have some trepidation regarding taking a plane during the current times.

In the photo, Lindsay sported a white sweatshirt with a hood pulled over her head, as well as matching white track pants. She accessorized with a pair of high-top black and white Jordans. The 35-year-old made it clear she wasn't forgetting about the ongoing pandemic and wore a bedazzled face mask that covered her nose and mouth.

Lindsay rested one hand in her pocket while using the other to hold onto her luggage. She was toting a large Louis Vuitton travel bag that was perched on top of a white rolling suitcase. Behind her, the airport looked fairly empty, with only a couple of other travelers visible.

In her caption, Lindsay emphasized how seriously she is taking safety during this time and that the only reason she is traveling is for work. Despite the fact that she was admittedly nervous, she emphasized that she intends to take every precaution necessary to protect herself from being exposed to the virus. She asked her followers how they feel about travel during this time and promised to keep them updated regarding how her trip goes.

"Honestly I really appreciate you overtly stating the precautions you're taking. It shows the world that even as we take on higher risk activities, we have to be so diligent," one social media user remarked.

"We love you!!! Can't say I'm ready to fly but peace and safe wishes," another person wrote.

"Yes, I feel you. A little extra caution won't hurt. Safe travels & stay safe," one more person remarked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lindsay may be best known for her appearance on The Bachelor and later The Bachelorette, however she has had a lot of harsh things to say about the franchise in recent weeks. Lindsay called out the reality television series for not being diverse enough and claimed that she would no longer associate herself with the franchise unless she sees positive change.