Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Sports Spandex Shorts For New Quads Workout

Fitness model Hanna Oberg took to popular social media platform Instagram on Thursday to post her latest workout that targeted the quad muscles.

For the workout, the fitness trainer sported a red oversized crop top with long sleeves that left a sliver of toned abdomen exposed. She paired the top with lighter-red spandex shorts that included a thick waistband. The shorts rose high on her hips and extended down to just above her knee. They contoured to Hanna's shapely backside and chiseled thighs, exposing a bit of muscle along her quads and down her calves.

To complete the outfit, Hanna wore a pair of white, black, and gray Nike sneakers and white socks that extended past her ankle. The model styled her long, brunette tresses in a ponytail that trailed down her back. She appeared to have added a touch of mascara, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss to make her facial features pop.

The quad workout consisted of four exercises and took place at a gym where Hanna used a variety of gym equipment. Before beginning the workout, the model posed for the camera, placing one hand on her hip and flexing her quad muscles. She shot a closed-lip smile toward the camera.

The first exercise in the set was the front DB step-up. Hanna held a single dumbbell in both hands at her chest and performed a series of step-ups on an exercise bench. In the second video, the model showed her followers the DB squat variation, holding a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder level.

The third exercise in the circuit was the elevated heel DB squat. Once again securing a single dumbbell with both hands, Hanna placed her heels on a plate weight and performed several squats. The final exercise in the workout was sissy squats. The trainer kneeled on the floor and slowly leaned backward until her backside touched her heels.

In the caption of the post, Hanna wrote out the exercises and the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each. She added a few tips for each exercise to help her trainees properly execute the move. The model encouraged her fans to add the quad exercises to their next lower body workout and then let her know how they liked them.

The quad workout gained nearly 40,000 likes and almost 300 comments within the first day.

"Ah! You look amazing!!! Hard work is paying off!!" one Instagram user complimented the model in the comments section of the post.