WWE News: Rusev Explains Why He 'Never Wanted To Date' Lana, Recalls Receiving Heat For Getting Engaged

Rusev and Lana -- whose real name is CJ Perry -- are currently married to each other in real life, but the former has revealed that he wasn't interested in dating her at first. During a Q&A session on his YouTube channel, by way of Sportskeeda, Rusev admitted that he was hesitant to ask her out originally because he was focusing on his career.

"This was always the thing about me and CJ, I never wanted to date CJ. So, I was working there, and I was specifically focused on my wrestling. I did not care about any of the new women, I did not wanna interact. I did not want to have anything with the new recruits, all recruits, I did not want to date anybody at work. I was strictly focused on working, and that's it."
In the video, Rusev went on to discuss how "a friend" of his was into Lana when they became an item on WWE television. He revealed that he encouraged his friend to ask her out while admitting that he felt Lana was out of his league.

However, Rusev and Lana fell for each other while they were working together. He revealed that they used to travel together and texted all the time, which led to them getting to know each other on a personal level. Their romance blossomed from there.

Rusev and Lana remained a couple on WWE television until last year. Lana left him to be with Bobby Lashley as part of a controversial storyline that led to the superstars receiving death threats. Rusev left the company after being released in April, but he and Lana have since started appearing together outside of the ring again. Lana continued to sell the relationship storyline with Lashley after being released in order to gain heat from the fans.

As documented by Sportskeeda, Rusev also opened up about the backstage heat he and Lana received after they got engaged. According to the superstar, the company was mad about them sharing their engagement status on social media as it interfered with a storyline between the pair at the time. However, he revealed that they didn't receive any heat for getting married and that the company supported the decision.

Rusev's 90-day noncompete clause will expire this month, and that will leave him free to join other wrestling promotions in the coming weeks. Where he'll end up remains to be seen.