July 3, 2020
Britney Spears Exposes Abs In 'Favorite Yellow Shirt,' But Fans Can't Quit Talking About Her Walking

Britney Spears modeled one of her favorite clothing pieces in her latest Instagram upload, and it happened to be a top that put her washboard stomach on full display. However, while Britney's figure looked fantastic, many of her fans were more focused on what she was doing in her video.

Britney, 38, uploaded the video to her Instagram account on Thursday. According to the caption of her post, she decided to hop in front of the camera because she wanted to show off a colorful bouquet that her florist had surprised her with. The arrangement consisted of gorgeous roses that were yellow, white, and various shades of pink and red.

Britney also informed her followers that the crop top she was shown wearing was her "favorite yellow shirt." The ruched garment was presented in a vivid sunny hue with a white speckled print. The blouse featured a row of buttons down the front and off-the-shoulder sleeves that were trimmed with ruffles. The frills also decorated the shirt's straight neckline and its bottom hem, which hit right below the bust.

Britney teamed her summery top with a pair of white low-rise shorts that helped to showcase her tan and toned tummy. On her feet, she wore a pair of beige high-heeled sandals.

Britney accessorized her outfit with a white puka shell necklace. She wore her thick blond locks pulled back in a ponytail, and she appeared to rock a beauty look that included dark eyeliner, smoky eye shadow, and red lipstick.

Britney's video was filmed in front of a plain white backdrop. She was initially holding her bouquet of flowers, and she gave her viewers a few playful twirls as she showed it off and smiled at the camera.

The rest of the video consisted of footage of Britney strutting back and forth in front of the camera, her thumbs hooked through the belt loops of her shorts. With each pass, she turned to face the lens, flashing a smile at her fans as she tilted her head from side-to-side. Britney played The Weeknd's song "Blinding Lights" over the footage.

In the comments section of her post, Britney's fans did a lot of talking about her walking.

"When you get flowers and see the need to enter and exit from stage right and left repeatedly. I know I do," quipped one of the singer's Instagram followers.

"When you haven't figured out how to use boomerang so you just make your own," another commenter wrote.

"Oops she did it again," a third user cracked.

"Sometimes it feels like she is locked inside my phone," read a fourth remark.

Last month, Britney shared a similar video that was filmed in front of the same white backdrop. However, she modeled a few different crop tops in that upload.