Alexa Collins Shakes Her Booty In A Skimpy Yellow Bikini

On Thursday, Alexa Collins brought the heat to her TikTok account by showing off a few of her sexy dance moves. The Instagram model likely got many of her followers' hearts palpitating with a smoldering video that showed her rocking a skimpy bikini and shaking her booty to "TKN" by Rosalía and Travis Scott.

Alexa has made a name for herself by modeling revealing swimwear, and the two-piece that she wore in her video was similar to many of the looks that she can be seen rocking on her popular Instagram page. It was a sunshine-yellow hue, and it featured metallic hardware that made it look luxurious and expensive. Her top's halter ties were connected to its tiny triangle cups by gleaming gold chains and rings. However, Alexa's voluptuous bust slightly distracted from the jewelry-like embellishments. Her flawless skin had an allover bronze glow, but the curves of her cleavage appeared to be a tad darker than the rest of her body.

Alexa's low-rise bottoms were decorated with multiple large gold rings on the left side. A number of chains were strung through the linked rings, and they draped down over her hip and upper thigh. Alexa's swimsuit put her taut midsection on full display.

Alexa didn't simply pose in the eye-catching bathing suit. She seductively swayed her hips, shook her booty, and rolled her arms. Her movements were fluid at first, but when the hypnotic dance music switched to a series of rapid drum beats, she began popping her body along with them. She ended the video by lifting up her right leg and slightly angling her pert posterior toward the camera as she performed her last pop.

As she danced, Alexa mouthed the words to the song, and she occasionally flashed her brilliant smile at the camera. It looked like her performance was filmed inside her bedroom, and one of her dogs made a brief cameo in the video.

Alexa wore her long blond hair pushed up and over to one side, making it look tousled and sexy. Her makeup application appeared to include mascara, bronzer, and shimmery pink lipstick in a soft natural shade.

"Yellow might be my new favorite color," wrote one of Alexa's TikTok followers in the comments section of her video.

"I mean seriously. How gorgeous can you be?" another admirer remarked.

"Okay every inch is perfect," declared a third devotee.

"So much fun, enjoyment and beauty in one video, appreciate this one," a fourth rave review read. "Nice little Tokyo cameo."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, both of Alexa's cute pet pooches made an appearance in a set of photos that captured the model going braless in a black robe.