'The Challenge: Total Madness' Spoilers: Who Loses In Hall Brawl

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge: Total Madness, including the season's winners.

The Challenge: Total Madness is nearing its end, but there's still another elimination to go. In Episode 14's preview for next week, Hall Brawl was revealed to be the last elimination of the season, and it looks like two people will be going home. According to The Challenge Vevmo page, insider Pink Rose has listed the order in which people go home this season, and three people are going to get the ax prior to the final.

Two of these competitors will be going home after next week's Hall Brawl. One matchup will pit Jenny West against Dee Nguyen, a duel which has been brewing since mid-season. Since MTV fired Dee over her inappropriate comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, she was edited out of the episodes almost entirely. The elimination will still play out, but a lot of the plotting leading up to competition will likely be edited drastically. Jenny will end up taking out Dee, squashing the Aussie's hopes to run her third final. Jenny had lost her first time in Hall Brawl on War of the Worlds 2 after being upset by Tori Deal.

Two men will go head-to-head in the elimination favorite as well. It looks like Rogan O'Connor and Nelson Thomas will face off, with Rogan taking home the victory, sending the Team Young Buck player home.

Rogan O'Connor competes on The Challenge Season 35

Despite having an impressive elimination record with nine wins and only two losses, Nelson just won't be able to make it through on Wednesday's episode. This will be his first time competing in Hall Brawl, and the same goes for Rogan. It will be Rogan's second elimination ever, and second win.

There is some confusion regarding a third elimination which will also happen before the final. It's unlikely the third elimination is also Hall Brawl, but it's rumored to take place just before the final. Johnny Bananas will take out Rogan right before the final, crushing the Brit's hopes of winning his second Challenge season. With Johnny taking out Rogan, that will leave just four girls and four guys left to run for the championship.

Johnny and Jenny will take home first place, followed by Kaycee Clark and Kyle Christie in second, Cory Wharton and Bayleigh Dayton in third, and Melissa Reeves and Fessy Shafaat coming in fourth. Melissa and Bayleigh did not finish the final, however. It looks like Bayleigh is disqualified because of an injury, and Melissa supposedly leaves without finishing but is not listed as having an injury. Whether this is the moment Melissa realizes she is pregnant remains to be seen.