Instagram Model Caroline O'Mahony Shows Off Her Booty & Sculpted Legs In Tiny Underwear

Fitness model Caroline O'Mahony flaunted her jaw-dropping backside in a snap and short video for her latest Instagram upload earlier today. She posed in front of a mirror and showcased her sculpted legs and booty while sporting a tiny pair of underwear.

The 22-year-old has been sharing workout videos with followers since lockdown was lifted, and in this post, she showed off her ridiculous gains. O'Mahony posed in front of a full-length mirror to give viewers a shot of her curves. She had her long dark hair straight and parted to the left side of her head.

The fitness model sported a white tube top with thin black vertical lines. She wore a pair of white high-waist panties with minuscule straps that wrapped around her small waist. In the first slide, O'Mahony posed with her body turned to the side. She folded her left arm across her torso and placed her right leg in front of her body.

The Irish beauty smiled as she focused on her phone while snapping the pic. This pose offered fans a glimpse of her defined legs and bulging thighs. The angle helped accentuate her curvaceous backside and flat midsection.

For the second slide, O'Mahony posed in the same location but added a video using the boomerang effect. The popular YouTuber tilted her head and hips to the left which further embellished her eye-catching curves. She held the camera in front of her face for the clip. O'Mahony included a caption about being in agony after an intense leg day at the gym and added a crying emoji.

After the social media influencer uploaded the spicy footage, many of her 667,000 Instagram followers took notice, as it earned over 21,000 likes in just over seven hours after going online. She had more than 150 comments and her replies were flooded with heart-eyed and fire emoji. Fellow fitness blogger, Courtney Black, left emoji in the comments section. Followers complimented O'Mahony's stunning physique and asked her to post more workout tips.

"Could you please post more of your gym sessions especially leg day," one fan wrote.

"Wowww Caroline! You look incredible!" an Instagram user commented.

"Looking INCREDIBLE BB!!!" a follower replied while adding several emoji.

"How is this even real?" an admiring fan asked.

As covered by The Inquisitr, O'Mahony gave fans an eyeful of her legs and booty earlier in the week. She posted four videos of her performing various exercises at the gym in a pair of skintight leggings and a pink sports bra.