WWE News: Former Champion ‘Cleared’ To Return Following Long-Term Absence

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As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, WWE superstar Mickie James revealed that she’s currently free to compete again after recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, which she received surgery for last July. However, the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the Monday Night Raw star’s in-ring return, and she has no idea when she’ll be back in action.

“The doc had already cleared me, so I was literally just getting that last two weeks to get cleared to come back to in-ring action and everything got shut down. So, I went home and I just haven’t been back since.”

Multiple WWE superstars and employees have chosen to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, so James isn’t the only one to opt-out of participating in company endeavors at the moment. Several employees have also tested positive for the disease in recent weeks, which has only brought more uncertainty to the roster.

While the company has a depleted roster at the time of this writing — which means there could be a spot for James if she was available — the former’s Women’s Champion doesn’t want to risk her well-being just for the sake of it.

According to James, the company doesn’t have any major plans for her at the moment either, which has also influenced her decision to be patient. The superstar appears keener on returning to television when the time is right for her.

“There’s no need to take that risk of going there if I’m not doing anything,” she said. “I would rather bide my time and wait for the perfect opportunity.”

James went on to say that she wants to win more championships when she returns to the ring. She revealed plans to win the Women’s Tag Team Champions on her own, in addition to all of the singles titles that she’s eligible for.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, James has been open in the past about her desire to win more championships. While the superstar is considered a veteran of the women’s roster whose role is mainly to put over younger talent, she wants another meaningful run with a women’s title before she hangs up her boots.

As The Inquisitr article notes, James has also been vocal about wanting to be at her very best when she does return to television. The former Women’s Champion has been on the sidelines for a year now, and while she has served as a commentator, it’s clear that she isn’t ready to give up wrestling quite yet.