Amanda Franca Stuns In Tight Pink Crop Top That Highlights Her Curvaceous Figure

The model wore a pink crop top with tight, light-wash jeans for the photo.

Amanda Franca posing for a selfie in the mirror.
Amanda Franca / Instagram

The model wore a pink crop top with tight, light-wash jeans for the photo.

Amanda Franca put much of her midriff on show in her latest Instagram photo. The model posed in a neon pink crop top that hugged her breasts, along with skintight, high-rise jeans. The snap gave her followers a head-to-toe view of the model.

The crop top featured one shoulder strap and had a triangle-shaped slit that revealed Franca’s cleavage. The light-wash jeans featured four buttons up the front and hugged her figure, highlighting the curve of her hips and waist. She also rocked pink heels that were tied in the front of her ankles and seemed to match the shade of the top.

The model posed in front of what seemed to be a white door, and there were also some plants in view of the camera.

Franca’s toned abs were on full display in the photo, as was her tanned skin. She ran both of her hands through her blond hair, which was also falling down her left side. The Brazilian model also appeared to be wearing earrings for the photo, which she revealed as she pulled her hair back. She flashed a sultry expression as she also appeared to be wearing a small necklace around her neck.

The Brazilian model appeared to be wearing makeup, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Her lips were a dark pink color, and she also seemed to have worn foundation, bronzer, and blush on her cheeks.

In the three hours since it was first posted, it has already received thousands of likes and more than 70 replies from her more than 670,000 followers. Although many of the comments were in Franca’s native Portuguese, there were also some English-speaking fans who were eager to weigh in on the snaps. Many people let her know that her beauty had not gone unappreciated.

“Drop dead gorgeous!” one user wrote in the comments.

“Perfect,” another added.

In another recent post, Franca offered her admirers a different perspective on her assets. In that update, which was posted just over a week ago, the model posed in a skintight white jumpsuit and had her rear end turned toward the camera. Although she didn’t reveal much skin, Franca’s curvaceous figure was on full display in the image. As she was in her more recent image, the model also appeared to be rocking heels in that post. In the days since that post was shared, it has received more than 9,000 likes and over 270 comments from her followers.