Instagram Model Viktoria Varga Shakes Her Fit Booty In Multiple Revealing Outfits For Latest Video Post

Viktoria Varga attends an event during Milan Fashion Week
Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images

Model Viktoria Varga shook her athletic booty in a video for her latest Instagram update. In the clip, she tried on multiple outfits that gave fans a view of her fit figure while dancing for the camera.

The fashion designer wanted input from her followers in deciding between three different looks. Similar to other posts in recent weeks, she tagged the location as the Jumeirah Al Naseem luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She was filmed in a hallway and played Doja Cat’s “Boss B*tch” over the video.

Varga wore her long blond hair down and in loose curls for the playful clip. She rocked a tiny green top with floral print for the first look. It was cropped to just below her breasts and had an open chest. The revealing piece had ruffled sleeves and was knotted in the middle.

Varga wore a short ruffled white skirt to go with the top. At the start of the video, she faced the camera and shook from side to side. Then she turned around to showcase her toned legs, while she shot a sultry glare at the lens.

The 28-year-old raised her left hand and snapped her fingers, at which point she changed into a new ensemble. This top was similar to the first but had white cups in the middle while the rest was covered with blue-colored circles. She also sported a skirt that was adorned with the same pattern. Her followers were treated to a view of her assets as she danced to the Doja Cat track and turned to showcase her derriere.

Once again, the Hungarian model snapped her fingers to signal a wardrobe change. Here, she wore a sleeveless black crop top that had lace around the fringes. She complemented the top with a long cream-colored skirt with burgundy circles that had slits along either leg. She raised the skirt up as she turned to jiggle her booty for the camera.

In her caption, she asked fans to chime in with which combo was their favorite. Varga uploaded the footage on Tuesday for her 468,000 Instagram followers. More than 7,100 found their way to the “like” button, and the post had over 200 comments. Fans responded in multiple languages.

“Beautiful! Now teach all women to change their clothes that quickly,” one follower jokingly wrote.

“Stunning in everything! You’re one of those rare people who could put on a trash bag and make it look fashionable,” an admirer added.

As covered by The Inquisitr earlier in the week, Varga flaunted her sculpted backside in a white swimsuit.