‘The Bold Type’ Spoilers: Jane Gets Support From Surprise Visitor

Katie Stevens from The Bold Type attending press event.
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On Thursday’s episode of The Bold Type, Jane (Katie Stevens) reaches her breaking point and gets a surprise visit from her father, according to a report from TVLine.

The television series follows three women, writer Jane Sloan (Stevens); social media director Kat Edison (Aisha Dee); and fashion assistant Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) as they navigate life, love, and everything in between while working at Scarlet Magazine.

During Season 1, it was revealed that Jane was a carrier of a form of the BRCA gene mutation, which increased her chances of getting breast cancer. She later decided to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

After getting home from the hospital, Jane struggled to heal physically and emotionally from the trauma of the surgery, she also struggled to adjust to her new body.

In the upcoming episode, the writer reaches her breaking point and her struggle is noticed by her father during a phone call.

In a clip posted by TVLine, Jane is seen sitting on her couch as someone approaches her front door. The person knocks and she asks them to leave, before realizing it’s her father. The two spend a few moments greeting each other before settling in to discuss Jane’s feelings.

As viewers know, Jane’s father has already been through this with his late wife and it’s likely he’ll be able to provide some support that Jane just isn’t able to get from her friends.

“Jane has incredible friends and incredible people around her, but I think it’s really hard,” Stevens said. “People don’t know what she’s going through exactly. So even though her friends try to be there for her, I think that it’s just extremely difficult to understand unless you’re close to it or have experienced it yourself.”

The Bold Type actors attending a photocall during the 58th Monte Carlo TV Festival.
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“Her dad, having had her mom go through breast cancer, [is] a little bit more understanding and knows his way through a difficult situation in that way,” she said.

The actor went on to say that this will be a very powerful episode of Season 4, and she’s excited for fans to see this part of Jane’s healing journey.

Elsewhere, Sutton is reflecting on her time at Scarlet Magazine while trying to figure out how to admit to her husband that she may not be ready for children. The couple previously suffered a miscarriage, and it was assumed that they’d try again immediately.

As for Kat, she’s trying to push herself forward at her new job by working on an amazing podcast episode featuring the woman who contributed to her losing her job at the magazine.