Yaslen Clemente Shows Off Shapely Buns In Beachfront Snap

Fitness model Yaslen Clemente poses for a gym selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Although fitness model and Body By Yas originator Yaslen Clemente has an Instagram feed that seemingly espouses the benefits of a regular workout routine and a healthy diet, the 23-year-old clearly isn’t above lounging on the beach with a cheesy pizza pie. She proved as much with an update on July 2 which showed her doing just that.

Including a caption that expressed an appreciation for the ocean-side view, Clemente provided her 2 million followers on Instagram with even more to look at, as she posed in a skimpy white bikini that acted as little more than a garnish for her sculpted buns and formidable curves.

In the sideview picture, which was geotagged to Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos, Clemente sat before the camera on a chair with the blue ocean, clear skies, and the sandy beach providing an eye-catching backdrop for the snapshot. Clemente peered at the camera’s lens with her lips parted and her wet hair combed back as the photo was taken.

The full scope of Clemente’s slender, athletic figure was visible in the frame while she posed, holding her pizza plate out in front of her in the process. As she did so, she arched her back slightly, providing greater emphasis on her shapely form and round backside, which was prominent in the lower third of the snap.

Little was left to the imagination overall, as the white two-piece she sported was acting as the only semblance of coverage for her olive-hued body.

Clemente’s latest Instagram offering generated a sizable response in a relatively short amount of time. In less than an hour after hitting her feed, the photo update had been double-tapped to the tune of nearly 20,000 times, one of which came from fellow fitness model Katya Henry. More than 300 comments had been left by her fans and admirers.

“Sure do like the view,” wrote one fan in reference to Clemente’s caption.

“Watching two snacks at the same time,” commented another, in equal appreciation of both Clemente’s pose and her pizza.

“Pizza never looked so good,” opined another admirer.

“My Yaslen, my love, my great love, you are my life, i love you so much,” said a particularly smitten commenter.

Clemente has been incredibly active on her Instagram account as of late, posting tempting pics on an almost daily basis. As reported by The Inquisitr on July 1, she similarly thrilled her fans with a two-pic slideshow in which she posed while wearing a sleeveless white crop top and matching pair of panties.