July 2, 2020
Sommer Ray Flashes Some Cleavage In A Yellow Bikini Top, Says 'Sunshine Is My Favorite Color'

Fashion designer and Instagram model Sommer Ray was full of cheer and sunshine in her latest slate of snaps. On Thursday afternoon, the 23-year-old fitness model posted six new photos that stunned her followers and caused quite a stir.

All six photos that Sommer shared were closely cropped and showed her face along with a bit of her chest. She had her honey-blond tresses tamed with a bright, flower-patterned scarf around her head, and her tresses casually cascaded over her shoulders.

The bright yellow color incorporated into the pattern of the head wrap was picked up in the top that Sommer wore. It appeared that this was a ribbed bikini top that had a knot in the center between her breasts and thin straps over the shoulders.

Sommer flaunted a touch of cleavage with this bikini top, and her tanned skin provided the perfect complement to the bright hues of the bikini top and headband.

The model's green eyes popped in the photos, and she seemingly chose a fairly subdued makeup palette for this shoot. She appeared to have some brown and bronze eyeshadow and mascara enhancing her gorgeous eyes, with perhaps a light touch of bronzer on her cheekbones and subtle pink color on her lips.

Sommer did not make note of where these photographs were taken. She stood in front of some lush greenery and provided a full range of facial expressions in the shots.

The photos showcased Sommer's sultry side in some cases, and she smiled broadly and laughed in others. Her millions of fans responded quickly to the photos, liking this new series of snaps more than 235,000 times in just the first hour that they were live on her Instagram page.

It was clear from the 1,500 comments that people were stunned by Sommer's beauty and everybody loved her sultry vibe.

"Imagine having the most beautiful eyes ever wow, love a tanned god," one fan noted.

"You're so perfect all these pics give me pocketful of sunshine vibes," a follower wrote.

In her caption, Sommer teased that sunshine is her favorite color, and that was certainly apparent in this array of shots.

"OMG your eyes are so gorgeous," another follower detailed.

"Just seeing your face made my day 10x better," someone else replied.

Sommer has been posting gorgeous shots on her Instagram page lately, and each snap is more enticing than the last. She didn't flaunt her incredible physique in this case, as she did in some of her other recent photos. Despite that, her fans clearly loved these up-close selfies as much as everything else she typically shares.