WWE’s Paige Sizzles As She Poses For A New Pair Of Snaps Alongside ‘Lobster The Pittie’

Paige arrives for WWE RAW at 02 Brooklyn Bowl
Ian Gavan / Getty Images

WWE vixen Paige took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share a couple of fabulous shots showing her with her dog. While her fans loved seeing the pup, Paige’s sultry look garnered quite a bit of attention as well.

The new pair of photos were simple, but even in casual snapshots, Paige exuded sexiness and confidence. The first picture showed the former wrestler, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, looking straight at the camera. She was sitting down on what appeared to be a black couch and her dog, Lobster, sat next to her.

Paige had her long, dark tresses pulled back away from her face, a few strands gently framing her face. She appeared to be wearing dark eyeliner and mascara along with a bright red color on her lips.

Paige wore black pants and what appeared to be a black sports bra. Plenty of deep cleavage peeked out under her long hair and there was a hint of her midriff visible too. She looked serious as she gazed toward the camera, one leg crossed over the other.

Her dog also looked directly at the camera in the initial photo, but Lobster and the WWE star looked at one another in the second snapshot. Paige smiled slightly as she cupped the dog’s head in her hand, and it was clear that there was a lot of love between them.

Fans went wild over the pair of photos. In less than 24 hours, over 175,000 followers had liked the post. In addition, nearly 900 comments poured in as people raved over how gorgeous she looked, as well as how adorable her dog was.

“Paige you are so fine,” one follower wrote.

“This is the greatest photo of the year,” a fan declared.

“She is gorgeous and sexy,” another follower shared.

“My favorite person and my favorite dog,” a fourth fan noted.

Paige has shared quite a few photos over the past few weeks as she has quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many pics have signaled a major transformation in her style and looks. While her fans have always found her to be absolutely gorgeous, recent photos have revealed something of a new look that has generated a lot of buzz.

When it came to this pair of photos showing Paige with Lobster, it seemed that the her fans were torn in trying to pick a favorite between the dog and the wrestling personality. The dog has popped up on Paige’s Instagram page before, and it looks like her followers would love to see him make appearances far more frequently going forward.