'General Hospital' Friday Preview: Morgan's In Crisis & Paul's Got People Fooled

The encore episode of General Hospital that is slated to air on Friday, July 3 takes fans back to an intense time in Port Charles. Morgan Corinthos was in the middle of a mental health crisis, and Paul Hornsby was wreaking havoc throughout town.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Friday's rerun originally aired on February 26, 2016. This week of encore shows has focused on the children of Sonny Corinthos, and now it is time for a fragile Morgan to be saved by his father.

As Soap Central recapped when this episode originally aired, Port Charles was reeling after a shooting at the docks. Morgan was off his bipolar medications and had tried to prove his worth to his father by interrupting a gun deal at the docks.

Unfortunately, a worried Kiki Jerome ended up in the middle of this and was shot as a result. Morgan had been taken to General Hospital, and Dr. Andre Maddox was starting to work on his care.

Sonny and Carly Corinthos were quite worried about Morgan, and they talked with Andre about the next steps in their son's treatment. Unfortunately, Morgan managed to slip away from the nurse who was supposed to be watching him, and he ended up on the rooftop.

As Morgan stood on the ledge, blaming himself for Kiki's injuries, he considering jumping. Soon, he believed he saw Kiki there with him, and he cried as he blamed himself for messing everything up.

Just as Morgan believed that Kiki was ready to jump with him, Michael Corinthos appeared on the rooftop. Morgan learned that Kiki was still in surgery, and not on the roof with him, and Andre arrived to try to talk Morgan down as Michael rushed to get Sonny.

Soon, Sonny arrived on the roof as well, and he tried to get through to Morgan. He opened up about his own struggle with bipolar disorder and vowed he would jump with Morgan rather than let his son do it by himself. Eventually, the young man stepped down from the ledge.

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As all of this was happening, Paul was playing games. He had returned to town and snagged the district attorney gig, butting heads frequently with Jordan Ashford. At the same time, he was colluding with Ava Jerome, and as fans may remember, he ultimately ended up going on a killing spree in town.

This encore show will also feature some sweet moments showing Maxie Jones proposing to Nathan West as he lay injured in a General Hospital bed. He declined her proposal at the time, but as viewers know, this love story did lead to marriage.

Friday's General Hospital encore episode should be an intriguing one for fans to revisit. While Morgan is still referenced often in present-day Port Charles, this mental health crisis came just a few months before his supposed death. Kiki is also gone now, but Ava still struggles with the loss of her daughter. Paul is long gone, but his reign of terror left a significant mark as well.