July 2, 2020
Paige Spiranac Flaunts Dynamite Curves, Driving Form, In Instagram Update

Former professional golfer and model Paige Spiranac simultaneously showed off her sinuous figure and ability to hit the ball off a tee with picture-perfect form while wearing a skintight orange dress in her latest Instagram update.

The two-slide post from July 2 was geotagged to The Phoenician Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, and included both a posed photograph and a short video of one of her drives. Fans of her popular feed, which now boasts over 2.7 million followers, were vocal in their approval of the display, both in terms of her golfing ability as well as her natural assets.

"Beautiful and a hell of a swing," wrote one fan.

"I wanna see you in a golf bikini," requested a second admirer of her form.

"Orange is definitely your color," opined another comment.

"Great hit you are just gorgeous, and you have a powerful swing, Have a great day Paige," said a fourth fan.

In the first slide, Spiranac looked directly at the camera's lens as the sizzling shot was snapped. With her blond hair and its dark roots pulled up, save for a few wavy strands that hung over her forehead and across her cheekbones, the 27-year-old smiled with her full, red lips, as well as her eyes.

As she did so, she rested her right hand on her thigh and shifted her hips to the other side. That pose, combined with the tight orange dress that she wore, served to accentuate her curvaceous form in the shot. Spiranac's other hand was holding onto her club while covered with a teal golf glove.

Spiranac's bright dress and alabaster skin stood in stark contrast to the green foliage in the background behind her.

The still image was followed by a video clip in which Spiranac approached the tee, took a glance down the fairway toward the hole to size up the shot, then crouched over the ball in a hitting stance. She continued to survey the hole and reposition her club before swinging it, guiding it powerfully through the ball and following through completely on her backswing.

Spiranac's latest Instagram post generated a significant response on the platform, accruing nearly 70,000 likes in less than two hours after going live, while nearly 1,000 comments had been left.

Of course, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition vet is no stranger to riling the masses with her body, both on the links and in skimpy attire. As previously shared by The Inquisitr, she flaunted her cleavage while working on her golf game in another Instagram update.