'The Challenge: Total Madness': Why It Would Have Mattered If Cory Wharton Was In The Tribunal

On last night's episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, veteran Cory Wharton was extremely upset that buddy Fessy Shafaat did not pull him into the tribunal after winning the competition, according to a recap from Entertainment Weekly.

The storyline carried on throughout the episode, and fans on Twitter were more than confused about why Cory was so upset about not being in the tribunal. He already had his Red Skull and had enough votes on his side to not have him thrown in by surprise. The house had pretty much already determined that Josh Martinez would be squaring off against Kyle Christie, and that would have happened no matter who was in the tribunal.

Basically, Cory was upset that he didn't get a technical victory for the challenge, meaning he doesn't have the best record from the season. But if Cory was pulled in by Fessy and Jenny West, the game would have taken a much different direction. Simply, Aneesa Ferreira wouldn't have been sent home.

The Challenge OG likely never would have been brought in to interrogation, and even if she was, Fessy and Cory would have kept her safe when it was time to vote.

Either Melissa Reeves, Kaycee Clark, or Dee Nguyen would have been selected to compete against Bayleigh Dayton, which would have affected that outcome as well.

Aneesa Ferreira competes on The Challenge

This would have put Aneesa one step closer to making her third final in 13 seasons. Granted, it's been revealed that there is at least one more elimination before the final, and Aneesa could have been thrown in for that one if she was still in the game.

Next week will see the return of Hall Brawl, one of the most challenging and brutal eliminations a competitor can face on The Challenge.

Now that every player in the house has their Red Skull, this means politics will play a role when it comes to the tribunal and voting, more than it ever did before. Some viewers had been bothered by the Red Skull twist this season, as the players seemed to be playing it safe and fair along the way, by not backstabbing one another to get better competitors out.

Hall Brawl will ensure that some strong competitors get thrown in, to hopefully have them eliminated before the final. While it isn't noted in the preview for next week, one person will definitely be eliminated, but it will likely be two. The grunts heard in the preview are female, which can also almost guarantee a man goes home as well since they're already up one competitor.