Yanita Yancheva Flaunts Curvaceous Figure In Two-Piece, Skintight Workout Attire

Yanita Yancheva wanted to inspire her followers with her latest Instagram post. In the snap, the model sat on her knees in skintight workout attire that showed off her incredibly toned midsection. The caption told her fans that everyone can be extraordinary.

In the photo, Yancheva posed with one hand over her head holding her hair back and the other resting on her thigh. Although most of her blonde hair was pulled back away from her face, a single strand hung down beside her left eye. The gray athleisure leggings hugged her hips tightly and stopped just below her belly button. The top started just below her breasts and was tight over her ample assets. It also featured long sleeves that eventually changed from gray to black.

Yancheva appeared to be wearing makeup in the pic, including foundation, blush and bronzer. She also seemed to have eyeliner and mascara on her eyes, which serve to highlight their natural green color. On her lips, Yancheva looked to be rocking a neutral, light pink shade. She was leaning against a gray brick background, which helped her naturally tan skin to stand out.

Although the post has been live for under an hour, Yancheva's 1.7 million followers have already given it thousands of likes and offered comments showing their appreciation for the photo. In the comments, most users simply wanted to let the model know how beautiful she looked.

"Slaying the look," one user commented.

"Looking great as always," another added.

Other admirers of the model were amazed at her figure, especially considering that she gave birth recently.

"Wow such a sexy hot mama," a third user wrote.

"It's incredible to think you gave birth not that long ago. You look great!" another commenter added.

Yancheva gave birth to her daughter Avia with boyfriend Tavi Castro in 2017.

Although Yancheva posed in workout clothes for this photo, one of her last posts was actually taken at Tulum Jungle Gym. In that update, Yancheva shared an image and a video of herself modeling a white bikini and black bikini, and she asked her followers to pick the swimsuit they thought she looked better in. While some followers weighed in with a favorite, the majority of commenters seemed to be too distracted to state a preference one way or the other. In the two days since that post went live, it's received more than 450 comments, many simply complimenting Yancheva on her figure and beauty.