Katie Holmes Is Breathtaking In A White Dress In New Instagram Snap

Katie Holmes is breathtaking in a white dress in a new Instagram snap. The actress was seen seated on the ground surrounded by blue skies and white, fluffy clouds. The photo was the first personal image the actress shared with the social media site since May 29 when she posted a clip of herself speaking on behalf of the American Film Institute Movie Club where she introduced a viewing of the film Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts.

In the new share, Katie was seen on what appears to be a dock on a shoreline. It was not indicated where the photo was taken in the geotag or her caption.

The star was wearing a loose-fitting white dress. The front of the garment wasn't visible, but thin straps went over her shoulders. The back of the ethereal-looking dress featured a low cut and shirring at the small of her back. From what could be seen, it appeared the dress had a drop waist. The flowy material billowed out around the former Dawson's Creek star, surrounding her as it extended out to the sides on the wood area where she was seated.

Beyond the actress was a clear blue sky. Lots of fluffy white clouds dotted the scene. Beyond where the mother of one was seated was what appeared to be a lake. Dotting the lush landscape were gorgeous green trees and foliage.

In the image, Katie could be seen looking over to the right, her profile clearly visible.

The actress appeared to be wearing little or no makeup in the photo, and her tanned skin was clear and flawless. Katie's dark shoulder-length hair appeared to be wet, and she pulled it over to the left of her face and shoulder.

In the caption, she tagged Tove Studio, a contemporary fashion label founded by Camille Perry and Holly Wright. It is likely that Katie was wearing one of the studio's designs in the share.

Fans of the actress adored the photo. They shared their many comments of appreciation for the serene shot.

"Whew, that is a view I could use," said one Instagram user.

"You are absolutely gorgeous, and that view! Just wonderful and amazing," remarked a second fan of the actress.

"You are truly the most beautiful person on earth...I really love your smile," stated a third admirer.

"Bring back Dawson's Creek. Oh and wow, speechless, so beautiful Katie," said a fourth follower.