Caroline Manzo Breaks Her Silence On Brother-In-Law's Indictments: 'We Are Heartbroken'

Manzo family matriarch Caroline Manzo commented on the recent family drama surrounding her brother-in-law, Thomas Manzo, and her estranged sister, Dina Manzo, on Wednesday. Caroline spoke with Jenn Lahmers from Extra and explained that her family was "heartbroken" over the matter. Thomas Manzo was indicted and accused of hiring a man to carry out a 2015 attack on his ex-wife's boyfriend, David Cantin. Caroline has family ties to both Thomas and Dina.

Caroline broke her silence on the situation one day after the indictment came down. The former reality star told the outlet that her family was distraught over the matter, and the situation was very complicated.

"We are heartbroken. This is family on both sides."
Dina is Caroline's younger sister. The two used to be very close but have not spoken for several years after an unknown falling out. Thomas is also related to Caroline as he is the younger brother of her husband, Albert Manzo. The men co-own The Brownstone catering facility in Paterson, New Jersey, together. While the fact that both sides of her family are involved in the situation complicates things for the former The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Caroline was not quickly picking one side over the other.
"I want to know the truth and my allegiance will lie with the truth."
Caroline continued in her statement to assert that the family was ready to address the situation head-on.
"We don't run from things like this, we address them, and I feel comfortable with that because we are being painted with a brush that does not reflect who we are as people."
The family's business was brought into the story as Thomas allegedly paid for the attack through a significant discount on a lavish wedding at The Brownstone. The wedding was held one month after the attack on David, and over 330 people attended. The U.S. Attorney alleges that many in attendance had connections to the Lucchese Crime Family. The indictment also alleges that the man that Thomas was accused of hiring to carry out the attack, James Perna, was a "made man" within the New Jersey crime family.

Dina's husband was attacked in 2015. The incident was allegedly so severe that the man was left with a permanent facial scar.

Thomas and the alleged attacker, James, were charged via indictment with "committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity and conspiracy to commit a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity." Thomas was charged separately with "falsifying and concealing records related to the federal investigation of the violent crime." Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Albert Manzo and Caroline Manzo from the
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