Scheana Shay Breaks Down As She Shares Details Of Her Miscarriage Story In Heartbreaking YouTube Video

Scheana Shay opened up about her miscarriage in a heartbreaking new video posted to YouTube. The Vanderpump Rules star broke down in tears as she shared the details of the devastating miscarriage she suffered in her sixth week of pregnancy with her boyfriend Brock Davies' baby.

In the 35-minute video titled "I Had a Miscarriage," Scheana was sitting on a bed in tears as she began her story. The 35-year-old reality star and singer could barely speak as she revealed that she felt like she owed it to her fans to let them know what has been going on with her over the past few months.

Many Vanderpump Rules fans have been following Scheana's fertility journey and know that she even had her eggs frozen so she could have children later in life.

Scheana revealed that shortly before her birthday in May she decided to quit smoking and drinking -- and to start eating healthy -- to prepare for a round of IVF. She explained that she and Brock know they want to be together forever and have children together. After a psychic reading — and after she noticed her period was late — Scheana realized she had gotten pregnant on her own, despite her doctors telling her it was next to impossible.

The Vanderpump Rules star shared footage of her many positive pregnancy tests and broke down as she said it was "the best surprise ever for someone thinking it could never happen."

Scheana also shared footage from her first ultrasound and revealed that off-camera, her doctor expressed concern by what he saw and by the fact that her HCG hormone levels were so low. The longtime SUR waitress added that during a trip to San Diego in mid-June to celebrate Brock's birthday — a party trip with pals James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss that had her indulging in "mocktails" only — she was devastated to discover that she was miscarrying at six weeks of pregnancy.

In an update posted a week later, Scheana revealed that she underwent a D&C procedure in her doctor's office. She thanked her fans for all of their support, then shared some lighthearted footage of her taking multiple pregnancy tests, sharing the initial pregnancy news with her mom, and speculating that she was pregnant with a baby boy because her car was covered with little blue flowers.

The heartbreaking video ended with Scheana and Brock cuddling in bed as he consoled her.

In comments on the video, fans offered Scheana their love.

"Ohhh Scheana, you're so loved by so many," one fan wrote. "It will happen for you and you're going to be such a good mom. Stay strong and keep your beautiful head up. Better days ahead."

"Sitting here and crying with you," another added. "Baby girl, you're going to be an AMAZING momma! I'm so sorry you went through this heartache but I know your day will come and you will be the best mom ever!! "

"I just wanna give u a hug so much," a third fan wrote to the Vanderpump Rules star.

Scheana has been giving fans a closer look at her life on her YouTube channel in the aftermath of her disappointing edit on Vanderpump Rules last season.