July 2, 2020
Sara Underwood Gets Cozy With Her Partner In An Outdoor 'Hippie Hot Tub'

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood gave her 9.1 million Instagram followers a peek into her life out in the woods with her partner, Jacob Witzling, in her latest update. Sara didn't include a geotag on the post, but the picture was focused on an outdoor hot tub that Jacob put together, and that Sara has featured on her Instagram page before.

A large metal tub filled with water was positioned above a heating source, creating a DIY hot tub. Sara and Jacob got cozy and seemed to have no trouble fitting in the tub together. The tub was positioned in the middle of a clearing with a large stone chimney behind it to vent out the smoke created from the fire burning underneath the tub. Wood was piled up on one side of the hot tub, and the entire space was surrounded by lush green trees.

The picture was taken from a far perspective, so not too many details of their ensembles were visible. Sara sported what appeared to be a strapless bikini top that flaunted a hint of cleavage. Her bottoms weren't visible, but she did have one leg resting on the edge of the tub, tantalizing her fans with a glimpse of her shapely calf and thigh.

Jacob was seated behind Sara in the hot tub, and she leaned against him with a smile on her face, appearing relaxed. She seemed to have some type of hat atop her blond locks to combat the chill on the parts of her body that weren't immersed in the hot water.

None of Jacob's ensemble was visible in the shot, but he appeared to be enjoying the time spent with Sara. Sara's followers also couldn't get enough of the sweet snap, and the post racked up over 47,200 likes within 17 hours. It also received 323 comments in the same time span.

"Lucky guy," one fan commented, followed by a flame emoji.

"Awwwww good weather for the hippie hot tub!! You two are looking good and healthy! Stay that way, enjoy the rest of the day," another follower wrote.

"When is the next episode of Cabinland!? We're DYING for it," another user added, referencing the show that Sara created to document their adventures building their dream space out in the woods.

"Hey, you two are hot enough that you don't need to warm the water," a fourth person remarked.

Whether she's at her home base in the woods or stopping by another scenic spot, Sara loves to show off her curves as well as the natural beauty around her on her Instagram page. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a double-pic update in which she rocked a sexy white maxi dress that left little to the imagination and showcased a serious amount of cleavage.