July 2, 2020
Kym Herjavec Shares Cute Video Of Husband Robert Trying Dog Commands On Their Twins Haven & Hudson

On Wednesday, former Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson Herjavec uploaded a cute video of her adorable twins to her Instagram account. She also introduced her followers to the newest member of her family, an energetic canine named Trixie.

Kym's post included two videos that were shot in her backyard. The first clip showed her husband, Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec, trying to teach Trixie how to sit, stay, and fetch. The dog appeared to be a gorgeous Belgian Malinois, and she was doing a pretty decent job with her training. An instructor off-camera was telling Robert which commands to use and what to do as Trixie eagerly watched him.

The dog toy in Robert's hand helped keep Trixie's attention on him. It was a sturdy-looking loop of rope connected to a heavy ball. At the beginning of the video, Trixie was lying down and Robert had to gently pull her up by the collar as he told her to "sit." Once she was in the correct position, he tossed the toy. The pup's body jerked a little as she watched it land, but Robert made her wait a bit before he clapped his hands and told her to "go."

Trixie then made a beeline for the toy. As she was trotting back to Robert, she decided to make a quick detour to the shaded patio of her new home. However, she eventually made it back to Robert.

Kym's second video showed her husband taking what he learned while training Trixie and seeing if he could also get 2-year-old twins Haven and Hudson to obey his commands. He held an orange ball and his son and daughter were tottering around nearby. When Robert told them to "sit," Hudson immediately plopped down on one of the large concrete stepping stones in the grass.

A moment later, Haven toddled over to her brother and sat down beside him. Robert struggled to get his kids to focus on the ball as he repeated the word "ready," and he tossed the toy into the grass once he finally had their attention. At first, the tots remained where they were sitting while their dad pointed toward the ball. However, when they got up, it became clear they understood they were supposed to chase the toy. They squealed delightedly as their dad ran beside them and offered words of encouragement.

Once the group reached the ball, Robert used the "sit" command on the twins again and he celebrated when they both plopped down in the grass.

Kym's Instagram followers loved the cute family video.

"Oh my goodness! This is just too funny," read one response to her post.

"Oh these babies are the cutest!!" wrote another fan.

"These babies are so lucky to have him as a dad. What fun they will have," a third person remarked.