Tricia Helfer Flaunts Fantastic Figure In White Underwear While Relaxing With Her ‘Boo’

The actress posed with her shirt lifted up to show off her washboard stomach.

Tricia Helfer attends the FOX 2017 Summer TCA Tour after party
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

The actress posed with her shirt lifted up to show off her washboard stomach.

Tricia Helfer looked smoking hot in an Instagram photo that she shared with her 923,000 followers on Wednesday. Fans of the Battlestar Galactica actress couldn’t stop raving about her sexy snap, which captured her flaunting her fabulous physique in a pair of skimpy underwear. She was joined by a feline companion.

In the intimate image, Tricia, 46, was stretched out on a gray couch in front of a window. The blinds were open, allowing sunlight to flood in and give her flawless skin a gorgeous golden glow. A white towel had been draped over the back and seat of the couch, and Tricia was sitting on it. She had her rear forwardly placed on the cushion so that her torso was slanted. This pose kept her stomach flat so that she was showing off her sculpted abs.

Tricia wore a pair of white underwear with a high cut that accentuated her lean thighs. The front of her scanty bottoms scooped down to give fans a better look at her taut lower midsection. Her top was a sleeveless white T-shirt with large arm openings that teased a glimpse of her white bra. The shirt had the words “Hurley Pro” printed on it, along with a date and location. It referred to a surfing competition held in Trestles, California. Tricia wore the shirt pulled up to bare her tummy.

Tricia’s photo was a selfie. She was holding the camera back away from her body with her right hand, while her left arm was resting on the back of the couch. The actress wore a pair of dark aviator sunglasses, but her eyes were still visible. She gave the camera a sultry look as she snapped her photo.

Tricia was joined by one of her cats. She described the dark-furred feline as her “boo” in the caption of her post. It looked like the kitty had curled up beside her on the couch to take advantage of the warm sunshine coming in through the window.

Tricia’s followers showed their appreciation for her steamy selfie by pressing the like button on her post over 45,000 times. Since the hot shot was initially uploaded, her admirers have also shared more than 300 messages in the comments section.

“Is it hot in here or is it just YOU?!” read one remark.

“Definitely still got it!” another fan wrote.

“That is one lucky kitty! And look at him. He acts like he doesn’t even care,” a third commenter said.

“Bruh, Lucifer’s mom has got me acting up,” read a response that referenced Tricia’s role on the series Lucifer.

Fans of Tricia will eventually get to see her on a different series. The actress landed a role in the upcoming season of Step Up: High Water, which was picked up by Starz after YouTube canceled it.