July 2, 2020
Qimmah Russo Displays Amazing Physique On Cover Of 'Train For Her'

Fitness model Qimmah Russo wowed her 1.5 million Instagram followers earlier today with a throwback image from a 2015 issue of Train For Her.

A stunning photo of her was placed in the center of the magazine cover. Her toned figure popped off the white background and was the most notable aspect of the design.

She faced the camera head-on with sexy confidence.

She was poised on her right tiptoe with her leg extended. Her left was knee bent and raised into the air, which gave the subtle impression of movement. Her tiny fluorescent green shorts revealed almost all of her toned thighs. She wore white athletic shoes with green and blue accents.

Qimmah's back arched, emphasizing the curve of her fantastic rear and her narrow waist. Her shoulders were thrown back.

Her left arm was extended to rest on one knee, but her right arm was flexed, showing off her incredible upper-body definition. Her shoulders and biceps were ripped.

She wore a small black sports bra with fuchsia details that matched the waistband on her shorts. It had small triangle cups that showed off her perky bust.

The middle line of her abs was visible from her cleavage down to her bellybutton.

A camera flash spilled intense light across her smooth skin, perfectly illuminating every exposed muscle.

The top half of her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, leaving the rest to cascade around her shoulders in waves.

Qimmah's makeup routine for the shoot gave her a fresh, natural appearance. Her dark eyes were shaped with eyeliner and mascara. Her lips were painted a pale pink shade. Bronzer accentuated her high cheekbones.

In addition to modeling and maintaining a prolific social media presence, Qimmah is a fitness coach and brand ambassador. The 25-year-old athletic beauty is also known for her positive attitude and motivational spirit.

Fans were quick to congratulate her in the comments section for her hard-earned success.

"Way to go sport! Love it.wishing you the best because you are the best. (Keep making it happen)," encouraged one person sweetly.

"Quimmahrusso = UNSTOPPABLE," praised a second follower.

"I have this issue in my backpack at this very moment," mentioned an exceptionally dedicated fan. This comment was followed with numerous emoji which included clapping hands, flexed arm, and a trophy.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr reported she rocked a pair of skintight jeans that hugged her in all the right places to show off her voluptuous curves.