July 2, 2020
Instagram Model Caroline O'Mahony Flaunts Her Curvy Booty During Gym Workout

Fitness model Caroline O'Mahony put her curvy backside on display in several workout videos for her latest Instagram post. She was filmed at the gym performing several exercises that treated fans to a view of her killer curves.

The Irish stunner has enjoyed being back at the gym after the lockdown was lifted and shared four clips from a recent workout. O'Mahony was recorded from the back for each video. She sported a pair of skintight charcoal-colored leggings and a pink sports bra that had an open back and criss-crossed straps. The model wore her long hair in a ponytail. She also rocked a pair of all-white sneakers, completing the look.

In the first clip, the 22-year-old was filmed performing deadlifts. She bent over to lift up the barbell, which had a 20 kilogram plate on each end. She raised it to her waist before pausing and slowly lowering it. With each repetition, fans were treated to a clear glimpse of her curvaceous booty.

O'Mahony moved to a machine for the second exercise. This time she did several wide-grip pulldows. Viewers were treated to a shot of her sculpted arms and chiseled back in the revealing pink top. The popular YouTuber switched to free weights for the next clip. She grabbed two dumbbells and performed front raises. She was captured from the side and had her body turned so followers could see her form.

For the final exercise, the social media influencer went back to a machine for some cable lateral extensions. She gripped the machine with her left arm while extending the cable with her right. O'Mahony had her back to the lens, which once again showcased her jaw-dropping derrière. In the caption, she mentioned her local gym acquired new machines during lockdown and she had been trying them out.

Many of the fitness model's 667,000 Instagram followers took notice of the clips and more than 12,000 showed their support by tapping the "like" button. Her replies were swamped with fire and heart-eye emoji. Instagram users commented on her physique and gym attire.

"That open back sports bra," a follower wrote while adding two heart-eye emoji.

"Back gains of steel," another responded.

"Saved for as soon as the gyms re-open," remarked a third user.

"THIS IS SO FIRE GIRL," a supportive fan replied.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, O'Mahony flaunted her fit body and curves in a white bra and panties back in May. She recorded the spicy clip inside her apartment.