'My 600-LB Life' Lee & Rena Update: Couple Who Lost Half Their Weight Together Now Have Sad News

Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser came a long way since first appearing on My 600-LB Life, but they now have a sad update to share with fans as well.

The pair were first featured on Season 6 of the TLC docu-series, with an update coming the following year about their significant progress. They had a unique love story, having first met at a weight-loss clinic where Lee was roommates with Rena's brother. Dating was against the rules of the clinic, so Lee left and started a relationship with Rena -- even though it came at the detriment of his own weight, as he failed to make any progress and the two fell into bad habits that led them both to gain weight.

With TLC bringing back the story of the pair in the June 30 episode of My 600-LB Life, there is renewed interest for viewers interested in seeing pictures of Lee and Rena's weight loss, and to learn whether the couple once planning their wedding is still together today. The results have been mixed.

As Distractify reported last year, the two were able to lose significant weight since leaving My 600-LB Life but had some difficult family developments as well.

"Lee came in weighing 714 pounds and his partner Rena was at 542 pounds. These days, they've each shed close to half of their initial weight," the report noted. "Lee now weighs 411 pounds and Rena weighs 278 pounds, and the two show no signs of stopping their progress. But Lee's father was recently diagnosed with cancer."

Lee and Rena kept fans updated on their weight loss through a Facebook page that included some before-and-after pictures of their weight-loss journey. The page has plenty of posts showing their positive outlook and activities together, though the last one was from a little more than a year ago -- when their Where Are They Now? special aired on TLC.

There's likely a sad explanation for the lack of updates. As Starcasm reported, Lee and Rena had some of a messy and partially public split. Rena wrote, and then deleted, a Facebook post where she tagged Lee and wrote about cheating, saying she was saying goodbye to "excess baggage." Though the couple was once seen planning their marriage, they appeared to have a bitter ending.

Lee later changed his relationship status to show he was in a new relationship with another woman, whose name he later removed from the update.

Fans had already seen an angry side of Lee during his time on My 600-LB Life, including an argument with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan after a bad weigh-in. It's not clear what he and Rena are doing now or how much more weight they may have lost since the last update.