Derek Hough Torments His Best Friend Mark Ballas In Hilarious TikTok Spoof Of 'The Office'

Derek Hough posted a hilarious video as he revealed that his best friend Mark Ballas is getting tired of his dance videos on TikTok.The six-time Dancing with the Stars mirrorball champion, who has been logging extra time on the video-sharing platform, posted a funny clip that showed that Mark freaking out over his latest moves.

In the video that was also shared to his Instagram page, a shirtless Derek, 35, was shown cluelessly dancing in the background as his childhood best friend became upset by his incessant TikTok moves. Mark, whose long hair was pulled into a man-bun on top of his head, became increasingly agitated in the clip as he shouted for Derek to just stop with the dance challenges.

"NO GOD!" Mark screamed. "NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!"

Derek continued to show off his moves despite Mark's "screams." In the caption to the post, the World of Dance judge wrote that his pal was getting tired of all of his "Tik Tokin."

Of course, TV fans may recognize Mark's bit. The "No God, Please No!" line is a memorable quote from the sitcom The Office when Dunder Mifflin employee Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) freaked out over the return of HR rep Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) to the paper distribution company's office in Season 5. The short intro scene has become a viral meme.

In the comments section, several Dancing with the Stars pro dancers reacted to Derek's latest video and The Office spoof.

"Hahahaha!!" wrote Emma Slater.

"That's just a taste of what my days consist of," wrote Derek's girlfriend, Dancing with the Stars troupe member Hayley Erbert.

"OH GOD NOOOOOOOO!" Mark added.

Other fans agreed with Mark that Derek has gotten out of control.

"Agree! This is totally driving me insane at this point!" one fan wrote of Derek's new Tik Tok habit.

Derek's love for Tik Tok has been well documented on social media and even on TV.

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show (via YouTube) earlier this year, Derek revealed that he's having a great time taking part in the video platform's dance challenges. Kelly even talked him into with coming up with some new dance crazes on the spot, which wasn't difficult for the Emmy-winning choreographer.

Derek came up with impromptu moves for dances called "The Plunger," 'The Roomba," and "'The Gryffindor" and he had the talk show host and her audience in hysterics in the process.