Lyna Perez Tugs At Her Tiny Burgundy Bikini Bottoms, Teases ‘Hey Babes I Missed You’

Lyna Perez snaps a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Stunning brunette Lyna Perez took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to tease her 5.2 million followers with a sultry bikini snap. Many of her social media posts showcase her jaw-dropping physique in a bikini, but this new shot seemed to take things to the next level.

Lyna’s new photo showed her outdoors in what appeared to be a patio. The 27-year-old model looked off to the side, beyond the photographer, with what looked like a slight smile on her face. She seemed to be wearing a light pink lip color along with an even lighter pink shade on her nails.

Lyna had her locks styled with a center part and casual waves cascaded over her shoulders. She stood with one leg bent and tugged at the bikini bottoms on one side. Her other arm hung straight down along her thigh and the cut of the bottoms revealed a portion of one of her tattoos.

“Goddess of pure perfection,” one of her followers praised.

The burgundy bottoms sat quite high on Lyna’s hips and appeared to be cut in such a way to provide fairly skimpy coverage in the back. Unfortunately, she did not give her fans a peek at her derriere in this particular suit.

The matching triangle top revealed a significant amount of deep cleavage. Lyna flaunted her chiseled abs and shapely legs as she teased her fans that she had been missing them.

It took only an hour for more than 50,000 people to like Lyna’s post. In addition to that, more than 1,600 comments rolled in quickly as well. A number of people said they had noticed her absence over the past few days, and they were clearly glad to see her posting again.

“You look so damn beautiful my queen. I love you so much. You are an amazing inspiration,” one enthusiastic follower wrote.

“God’s own creation,” another admirer declared.

Those who follow Lyna’s Instagram page know that she regularly shares photos showing her phenomenal figure in swimwear. Just a matter of days ago, she teased everybody with an orange bikini that she wore as she ate a peach, and people went wild over that look.

Lyna’s swimsuit photos regularly rake in 150,000 likes or more, and this new snap certainly appears to be well on its way to meeting or exceeding that mark. The model told everybody that they wouldn’t want to miss what she shared next and it appeared that fans were bracing themselves for what she had in store for them.

“My feed has been blessed!!” read a fourth person’s comment, echoing a seemingly common sentiment among Lyna’s millions of followers.