‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Preview: Michael Confronts Sonny Over AJ’s Death

Chad Duell of General Hospital
Craig Sjodin / ABC

ABC is airing an intense “encore episode” of General Hospital on Wednesday. The focus for this week has been on Sonny Corinthos’ children, and this upcoming rerun takes fans back to an emotional confrontation that occurred between Sonny and Michael Corinthos.

Wednesday’s encore show originally aired on November 7, 2014. While the show will revisit a handful of different storylines that were playing out during that time, a main focus was on Michael confronting Sonny for what happened to AJ Quartermaine.

As Soap Central recapped at the time, Anna Devane and Duke Lavery navigated some difficult moments over his giving Sonny an alibi for AJ’s murder. Duke had covered for Sonny, and Anna pointed out that he faced charges for obstructing justice, perjury, and for being an accessory after the fact.

Anna placed Duke in handcuffs, leaving both Lucy Coe and Bobbie Spencer stunned at the Floating Rib as they watched it all play out. After Duke and Anna’s departure, Bobbie and Lucy shared some icy banter as they discussed AJ’s death and Carly’s role in covering for Sonny.

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This General Hospital episode also contained drama related to Nina Reeves having stolen Ava Jerome’s baby. Madeline Reeves arrived at the motel where Nina cuddled the baby, bringing some essentials, and there was some discussion of Silas and Ava.

Franco was involved in this episode too, calling Nina and later bantering with Bobbie at the Floating Rib. Bobbie expressed her anger toward Franco for what he’d done to both Carly and Michael, but he wasn’t flustered.

Nathan and Silas spoke on the phone regarding their concerns about Nina. Soon after that, Nathan and Dante discussed Sonny’s video confession. Dante was tasked with arresting Sonny, and Nathan lamented that he would probably soon have to arrest Madeline.

Anna arrived at the police station with Duke, and the two had an emotional discussion about his decision to cover for Sonny. Over at General Hospital, Morgan Corinthos talked with Kiki Jerome about Sonny’s threat to kill Ava.

After Kiki left, Dante arrived and talked with Morgan about the Sonny situation. Dante worried that Michael might have been planning to confront Sonny, while Kiki and Silas became worried about Ava’s safety.

As Kiki and Silas raced to the brownstone, Sonny got ready to shoot Ava for killing Connie Falconeri. Before Sonny could do this, Michael arrived and fired a warning shot to disrupt the confrontation.

Michael told Sonny about his talk with Franco, and soon it became clear that the confession about killing AJ was no longer a secret. Sonny initially tried to play dumb, but Michael wasn’t swayed.

The confrontation intensified, but Michael let Ava leave. Silas and Kiki found her at the docks and learned of Madeline and Nina stealing Ava’s baby.

At the brownstone, Sonny and Michael argued about Ava and AJ. Sonny broke down what really happened at Ava’s apartment, and he admitted that he had indeed shot AJ. Michael vowed to make Sonny pay, and that was where this intense episode of General Hospital ended.