Salma Hayek Celebrates International Joke Day With Matthew Perry

Salma Hayek at DEU: "The Roads Not Taken" Premiere - 70th Berlinale International Film Festival
Thomas Niedermueller / Getty Images

On Wednesday, actress Salma Hayek shared a video highlighting Matthew Perry’s joke-telling abilities on Instagram. The post garnered over 120,000 views in the first hour.

International Joke Day is an unofficial “holiday” that reportedly occurs on July 1. According to the BBC, the origins of the day are unknown, but the intention is to start the second half of the year with a giggle. People share amusing jokes, stories, photos, and videos online every year.

To commemorate the grin-inducing day, Hayek dug up an old clip from her first interview with David Letterman following the 1997 release of Fools Rush In. She described an experience working with co-star Perry in which he attempted to tell her a knock-knock joke.

The video began with Letterman inquiring whether she enjoyed working with Perry. She enthusiastically responded that she loved doing so, but that occasionally their cultural differences — Hayek is from Mexico and Perry is American — created some gaps in their communication.

According to Hayek, he was “so sweet” and “very funny,” but sometimes she didn’t understand his jokes.

She continued to explain that one early morning, he approached her with the standard introduction to a knock-knock joke. Letterman was visibly entertained as Salma explained the anti-climactic process during which Perry had to walk her through the joke all the way to the punchline.

“He goes, ‘Knock knock,’ and I go, ‘What? What’s that?'”

“He goes, ‘Knock knock — you’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there?'”

“I’m like, ‘Who’s where?'” laughed Hayek.

The clip ended with the culmination of the silly dad joke, which involved an owl. Hayek giggled throughout, but also rolled her eyes in merry exasperation several times during the explanation.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Perry confirmed the story relayed in Letterman’s interview.

“We definitely had our frustrating moments,” he says. “She didn’t get any of my jokes.”

Hayek looked stunning in the almost 25-year-old interview. She wore a backless black dress with thin straps that exposed her toned shoulders and beautiful decolletage. Her mahogany hair was parted in the center and spilled halfway down her back. Crimson lipstick and dark eyes completed her sultry appearance.

At the time of this article, Matthew did not appear to have responded to Salma’s tag.

Many of her 15.2 million followers, however, commented on the post. Most were the crying-laughing emoji.

Salma displayed her humorous side for International Joke Day, but as The Inquisitr reported last week, she shared a sizzling pair of throwback videos from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn in which she played a snake-wielding vampire stripper.