Cam Newton's Offense With The Patriots Will Be 'More Fun' Than Tom Brady's, Randy Moss Says

Cam Newton's offense in New England is going to look quite a bit different than Tom Brady's and Randy Moss thinks it's going to be a lot more fun. The Hall of Fame receiver talked to ESPN's Get Up on Tuesday morning, according to Ryan Hannable of WEEI Radio. Moss detailed the differences in the two quarterbacks' approaches to the game. In doing so, he said fans are going to get to see "how fun that offense can be" under Newton.

"I think we are really getting ready to see how fun that offense can really be," Moss said. "Not discrediting anything Tom accomplished because he accomplished some great things, but I think being able to have a guy like Cam Newton that can run the ball, they are able to spread guys out and then being able to be that viable threat in the passing game that he can just tuck the ball and run."

He went on to say that fans have gotten used to seeing what the Patriots offense was for the last 20 years under Brady. He added there's definitely going to be a change in what people see with Newton. He also said it's not just Patriots fans that are going to get an eyeful, but NFL fans all over the country are going to see how fun the offense under the former Carolina Panthers quarterback can be.

Chris Mason of MassLive pointed out the two quarterbacks' playstyle couldn't be more different. He called Brady one of the most lethal pocket passers the league has ever seen. By contrast, Newton is someone who makes things happen by pairing his strong arm with the ability to do damage on the run. Newton has rushed for 58 touchdowns and has twice run for over 10 touchdowns in a season. Mason said Brady's six Super Bowl trophies show his style of play has definitely been successful.

Newton's arrival on the Patriots on Sunday was a bit of a surprise after he spent most of the offseason garnering very little interest from teams. NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted earlier this week that the Patriots were the only team to make an official offer. Only one other team, the Browns, showed enough interest to even reach out to him. Schefter added the conversations with Cleveland never got past the initial contact stage.

That might be the reason the Patriots were able to sign Newton to a relatively cheap contract, considering he was the NFL MVP in 2015. As The Inquisitr previously reported, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman recently called the contract, "ridiculous."