Olivia Culpo Picnics In Short Shorts & A Red Shoulder-Baring Crop Top, ‘I’m Just Here For The Wine’

Olivia Culpo had a picnic spread as she enjoyed a little wine with her snacks.

Olivia Culpo attends the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant.
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Olivia Culpo had a picnic spread as she enjoyed a little wine with her snacks.

Brunette beauty Olivia Culpo sizzled in a recent Instagram snap that seemed to wow her 4.6 million followers. The post garnered over 110,000 likes in just a few short hours as she was seen enjoying a picnic while wearing an outfit just perfect for a warm summer day.

Olivia had quite a spread laid out on the lawn, with a full assortment of goodies right in front of her. The photo that was shared on Tuesday revealed that a red checkered blanket was spread out on the lush grass in the backyard of what may have been her home. There was no geotag to reveal exactly where she was at the time. In the background was a glass wall with more greenery and buildings beyond that. The gorgeous model posted two photos as she was holding a glass of wine in her hand. In the first one, she knelt while posing for the camera. Her wardrobe seemed to be the focal point of the snap.

She wore a pair of cutoff shorts that revealed her toned legs. The waistband barely grazed her navel as she leaned forward just a little. Olivia’s bright red crop top certainly stood out. Her shoulders were fully exposed as the sleeves dropped at the perfect spot down her arms. The bodice was gathered slightly and stopped just below her bust to show off her trim midriff.

The 28-year-old former Miss Universe had her long brown tresses loose and hanging down her back as she tilted her head slightly in the pictures. In the second snapshot, she was sitting down and leaning back as she enjoyed her drink. She joked in her caption that she was only there “for the wine.”

In addition to the wine in her glass, she also had the bottle chilling in a bucket of ice on the blanket. A picnic basket was seen behind the bucket with all the yummy food sitting out. On top of the wooden cutting board was a loaf of bread, cheese, grapes, and what looked to be some type of chocolate treats for dessert.

Olivia’s fans couldn’t get enough of how amazing she looked. She was rewarded with lots of heart and fire emoji, as well as loving comments.

“Omg! You look stunning,” said one follower.

“You have redefined picnic,” another user remarked.

“You are such a stunner,” a third admirer replied.

Olivia Culpo also stunned the day before in a photo that had her in a white two-piece swimsuit eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches with her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey, while out on a boat. They were caught kissing while displaying their fried chicken sandwiches.